Story Generator

Are you planning to write a short story or have you been helping your kid to complete their story writing project? Well, one of the crucial parts of writing a story is creating a scene and characters.

Developing story ideas are not that easy. Even if you are writing a personal story, you may find it a bit challenging to come up with the right words to describe your life events. After all, putting thoughts into words can turn out a hectic and difficult job, especially if you have never written anything before.

Story Generator

The story generator tool by iStaunch helps people turn their thoughts into words in simple clicks. All you need to do is select the type of story you would like to generate and choose a genre.

story generator

For example, do you like your short story to be around a crime scene or does it have to be a fantasy story? Think about the subject you will be writing on. Are you supposed to write a story on a prince rescuing his princess from a monster or is it a crime story where a detective stops the criminal from committing a crime? It can be an action, romantic, thriller, comedy, drama, mystery, crime, or fantasy-based story.

How to Use Story Generator?

If you just need some random story ideas for your kid, fret not! Our tool is capable of generating some interesting stories based on random events. The software will create everything for you including the characters, theme, descriptions, plot, and ending. On the other hand, if you already have a story idea in mind but couldn’t get yourself to come up with the right words to describe the event, you can rely on the Story Generator by iStaunch for an amazing story.

The tool has many options that help craft a comprehensive story on a given subject. You only have to select the title, character names, and enter a few keywords that define the plot of the story. That’s it! The rest of the job will be done by our tool. You could also fill the adjectives to define different characters. Once you are done choosing the keywords for different options, hit ‘Generate Story’. The software will come up with a well-crafted and professional short story that sounds extremely random yet exciting.

It is a great tool for parents who read stories to their children during bedtime. It can be pretty difficult for you to read a new story every day. To help you find a new and interesting plot for your kids, the Story Generator by iStaunch crafts an exciting story that your kids will love to hear. Likewise, it is a perfect solution for parents helping their kids to complete the school assignment that involves a short story.

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