How Send Message on Instagram from Computer

Hi, guys, I am back here with some new interesting and useful features for you all. You all get tired using social media while working on your PC as you have to switch over to your mobile and PC regularly. Today both are important work as well as social media accounts as they too kept you updated and entertained in your such busy lifestyle.

I would come up to you with some easy solutions to solve this problem you all facing daily. In this article, I will suggest How to send messages on Instagram using PC as Instagram is one of the most used and popular social networking platforms recently.

send message on instagram from pc

Direct Message, also popularly referred to as DM, is a feature on Instagram that allows you to send personal messages to your Instagram friends or any Instagram user or a group of Instagram users at the same time. This feature will not only allow you to share personal messages as text only you can also share photos, videos, GIFs, emojis, locations and many other ways to express or explain your message to your friend through direct messages.

But you think that DM can be sent only through your smartphones then you are completely wrong as I said above I will explain to you day How you can send messages through your PC. Sounds interesting, isn’t it?? Then let’s go and will learn something new!

Look at some solutions here to come up with your daily challenge.

How to Send Message on Instagram from Computer

As I mentioned about which problem this hack will solve you all have raised a question in your mind that it will require some hacking skills or programming skills but I must tell you that your existing skills are enough to cope up with this challenge.

Everything you need to do is follow the steps that I will guide you in this article.

To do so such types of tricks sending your Instagram direct messages through PC, you need to use an updated version of your favorite browser that will have features for you to switch to an IG mobile interface. The most of updated versions of browsers can allow such possible features for you.

The trick is simple as to open a mobile version of IG on your personal computer, laptops or Mac book and enjoy all the application’s full features without using your handset. Sounds something confusing? Let me explain more simply!

I am going to explain this method for the Google Chrome browser as it is one of the most popularly used browsers for many years and that increase chances that most of you are using it.

  1. In the first step, you need to open the Instagram official website and log in from a personal computer.
  2. If you have windows installed in your PC, then you need to press these buttons on your keyboard: Ctrl Shift J, And If you are a Mac user, use a shortcut – Ctrl Option J.
  3. In case you like some more fun getting this, I have another way for you. Now you can use the menu of your browser, then click the More Tools option and then click and open Developer Tools.
  4. The next thing to follow is to choose a mobile application view. Do you see the mobile icon? Yes then, press it my friend.
  5. If nothing has changed after doing so then you just have to refresh your browser page for once.
  6. When the mobile application view will be enabled, you can see the DM icon that you have a habit of seeing on the screen of your handset while using Instagram. Now without wasting much time You can click on it and you will get a full list of all your previous messages that you have done in the past.

Now you can enjoy, you can check, read and send direct messages on Instagram while doing your work on your PC.

Third-side services:

My friends if you are thinking that the above-mentioned hack will annoy you more while implementation than I am coming with one more cop favorably easier for you (though I would say above one is easy also), you can try to use some external application to get the desired result. Their developers assure that these applications are safe for the use that is they will have privacy features. But I suggest you be very careful and attentive while using these apps.

Many of these applications require some critical or sensitive data that can be used in the interest of their developers but not yours. Never mind that, such all options exist and you are free to choose your own will whether to use them or not.

Also, you can install a virtual Android device on your device. That is the Android emulator (such extensions are available also for Mac users), you can have mobile applications on your device and enjoy their features very well almost to the full extent.

Use Instagram on PC via BlueStacks:

  • As you all know about BlueStacks, It is a popular Android application emulator for your PCs (also supports apple devices), and the best of its features is that it’s free of cost. Using BlueStacks, all Android applications can work smoothly on your PC. To use BlueStacks, just download it from the play store or apple store and install the software on your PC or your Mac Book!
  • Then Click on ‘Finish’ once the installation work is complete successfully.
  • As you get started with the app, click on the Right Arrow button.
  • Then, you will be directed to provide your Google account details to go on further.
  • Complete the setup required and click on ‘Search’.
  • At the search bar, type Instagram and click on its icon as soon as it shows up in the search bar. This will redirect you to Google Store or Apple store where you can see the Instagram application ready to install.
  • Install the Instagram application on your PC from there.
  • Then, Launch the application and enter your user credentials when displayed on your screen.
  • Instagram will be open on your PC then. Now you will be able to use the Instagram application and all its features on your PC.
  • To check, send or receive your messages, click on the arrow icon and direct to the conversation section to view your previous messages.

Use Instagram for Windows 10:

You just have to download the Instagram application for the Windows system(Windows 10 preferred) from the Windows app store.

  • Install the application and run it on your PC.
  • Click the Direct Message icon and start sending personal messages to someone on Instagram whomever you want.
  • To check messages you received, click on the arrow icon and that will direct you to the conversation section to view all the conversations you have done.


I hope whatever I have shared with you today will be helpful to you all, I think all the steps or hacks I have suggested are very simple to understand and implement. Now you can work and use social media in parallel to work and enjoy at the same time that will help in having fun and entertainment in your busy lifestyle. Follow these simple hacks and let your life simpler. Finally in these hard times Stay home and stay safe.

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