Golden Rules for Better Business/Client Relationships

Relationships are the key to success in any industry. Whether you’re selling products direct to customers or delivering specialist services to niche brands, the relationships you develop will determine whether your company is a success or a failure.

rules for business client relationships

A strong relationship is a part of building a memorable experience for your customer. Currently, around 86% of clients say the experience they have with a business is just as important as the actual product or service they purchase.  However, many companies don’t understand how to properly build and nurture the right connections in their industry.

Today, we’re going to be looking at some of the golden rules you can follow to improve your chances of stronger, lasting business/client relationships.

Rule 1: Always Know Your Customer

You can’t have a strong relationship with your customer if you don’t understand who they are, and what they want from you. Imagine, for instance, you’re a B2B company selling software, you might need to decide whether you need to learn how to build and nurture relationships with SMBs, or whether you’re going to focus your attention on connecting with larger enterprise brands.

If you’re a B2C brand selling clothing, you’d need to ask yourself what kind of customers are most likely to be attracted to your products, where they live, how old they are, and how much they’re willing to spend. You can start your research into your customer with researching your competition.

Checking what kind of customers already follow competing brands on social media or buy from similar companies can give you an insight into people who might be interested in your product or service. From there, you can start building buyer personas with information on where your customer is from, which products they like and dislike, and how they’re likely to interact with your brand.

Rule 2: Prioritize Excellent Service

Excellent customer experiences are the key to success in any industry today. Today’s consumers value the service and sales experiences their favorite companies can offer them more than the products or services they purchase alone. So, ask yourself how you can deliver a better quality of service to your target audience.

Using your user personas, ask yourself whether you’re supporting your customers on all of the communication channels they use most often. For instance, do you have a presence on WhatsApp Business if your customers prefer to message the companies they work with for support? Do you make life easier for clients by allowing them to reach out to your service team from their favorite social channels, like Facebook and Instagram?

Another way to ensure you’re investing correctly into excellent customer service, is to gather insights directly from your customers. Surveys, polls, and questionnaires can be an excellent way to expand your knowledge of your target audience, and what they like most or least about the service you offer. If you’re struggling to convince your customers to give feedback, consider offering them a discount or coupon in exchange for their insights.

If you end up getting negative feedback from any customer, don’t be disheartened. How you respond to negative feedback can also improve your chances of building long-term relationships too. Responding empathetically, and working with your customer to resolve the problem can turn an unhappy client into a long-term advocate for your business.

Rule 3: Always Be Authentic

Finally, customers build stronger relationships with businesses they can trust. Today’s consumers generally don’t see business leaders as particularly trustworthy, which is why it’s so important to double down on building an authentic, human image.

Social media platforms are an excellent way to start showing your authentic side. Live videos and Reels can provide your customers with behind-the-scenes views into your business and how it operates, so they know exactly what kind of values drive your company’s decisions. You can also use videos and social media content as a way of sharing value with your clients.

Educational and informative content show your customers the benefits of building a stronger relationship with your company. This is why so many of the world’s top brands have dedicated content marketing strategies for both their websites and social media channels.

Aside from being open with your online content, another way to boost your chances of a more authentic image, is to keep your customers up-to-date on what’s happening within your organization. Share regular news updates and send out newsletters to your email subscribers whenever something important happens for your company.

Invest in Your Customer Relationships

As customers become more discerning about which brands, they do business with, both in the B2B and B2C world, it’s never been more important to reconsider the way you build your brand/client relationships. Failure to connect with your customers on an emotional level could mean you’re constantly fighting to retain long-term loyalty. Follow the three rules above, and you should be on your way to more meaningful client relationships in no time.

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