Reverse Address Lookup

Sometimes, we need to be certain we are moving in the right direction. There are times when we would like to ensure that the address is legitimate and it is safe to head to the given location.

Now, discovering a comprehensive report of the particular address and the neighborhood area is no longer a challenging task with the reverse address lookup services by iStaunch.

No matter how unfamiliar the address is, you can always count on our reverse address finder to provide you with sufficient information about the given location.

Reverse Address Lookup

Reverse Address Lookup by iStaunch gives all information about the property that you may need before visiting the location or buying the property. This way you can be confident about your investments. The tool is pretty convenient.

reverse address lookup

All you need is the house number, street, city, and state of the property and you are good to go! The tool will return with the homeowner’s details, neighborhood, and property value. You could also use it to compare multiple properties and select the best one based on the neighborhood and sales price.

Information You Can Collect Using Reverse Address Lookup Tool

The reverse address lookup tool is especially useful for real estate agents who need to get a complete history of the particular property and the aspiring homeowners who plan on moving to their new home but aren’t certain about the previous or current homeowner details. There can be a number of reasons why you would like to run a check on the property or the given address before you go there.

It can be for safety purposes or curiosity. Whatever the reason is, with the reverse address lookup tool at your disposal, you can rest assured that the entire detail of the property will be disclosed to you in a matter of seconds. Here is all information you can find using this tool.

  • Property Owners

The first thing we wonder when looking for the details of a property is its homeowners. Who owns the building? Is it rented to someone? Who were the previous homeowners? Usually, people have to contact their neighbors to find out the homeowner’s details. But, you no longer need to go through the hassle of talking to the neighbors to fetch this information.

Just choose the street and house number of the city along with the state on our reverse address lookup tool and find the names of the current and previous homeowners. The tool returns with a list of all the people who owned the property in the past. Once you find the name, you can conduct more research or contact the current homeowner to extract all the information about the given address.

  • Values and History

It is extremely important for an aspiring homeowner to find out the current market value of the property before settling the deal with the seller. If the homeowner has put the house up for sale and you would like to invest in it, you may first want to look for the market value of your property so that you pay a fair price.

No need to trust the seller or real estate agent’s words. Conduct your own research and know the current market value of the property. All you need is the reverse address lookup tool by iStaunch. Type the street and house number of the property and that’s it! The tool will return with the market value of the home.  Not only the market value, but it gives information about the sales price, home loans, deeds, and other necessary details that you may want to know before you seal the deal.

  • Neighborhood Stats

It doesn’t feel safe to visit a particular address or invest in a property until you are not certain about the neighborhood stats. What if the property is associated with criminal activity? What if it is located in an area where the robbery and crime cases are reported every now and then? The last thing any aspiring homeowner imagines is living in an unsafe neighborhood.

The best part is the reverse address lookup tool provides you with all the information you might need about the neighborhood area. It will give you the details of the crimes reported in the vicinity and other illegal activities that took place in the given address. This gives you the peace of mind about the home you are planning to invest in. Overall, the tool ensures you don’t make a wrong decision or visit an unsafe address.

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