How to Remove All Follow Requests on Instagram

In a world where the consumer and the content stay the king, the demand of a business brand mainly depends on the visual reach it has for the masses. And when we speak of such visual reach one of the top platforms that come to mind is Instagram. When you have been debating over influence and the power of this platform, do you know the number of pics that get uploaded over the app annually?

remove all follow requests on instagram

Well, it’s over 35 billion! Isn’t this just amazing?

One can also imagine the number of people that will be using this website for things they need or think of every day. Therefore you can create content for benefits and can build a brand, become an influencer and do so much more over the app. One might argue that there are still other websites like Facebook and Twitter as well. But there are some unique features of Instagram.

Similarly, if you want to delete the follow request at once, you won’t be able to do that either! Funny right? Just understand that there can be reasons for people over the platform for continuing with this feature and we need to find ways by which we can make that work as per our needs as well. And we shall be learning about exactly that right here!

How to Remove All Follow Requests on Instagram

Don’t stress as we are here to solve your problem. Just follow the steps below that will make sure that they all follow the request that you had sent gets canceled.

Step 1: So the first step that you need to take is that instead of opening the app from your phone that you usually do, go on Instagram through a web interface. Although the steps can be followed through the phone as well but will be much faster when you go through the steps on your desktop.

Step 2: Now you have to log in to your account where all of the follow requests have to be canceled.

Step 3: Now in your account, go on the section for tools and then tap on ‘Privacy and Security. Now go for the ‘Account Data’ and then tap on ‘view account data’.

Step 4: Now in the ‘Connections’ option, you have to tap on ‘view all’ and then ‘Current Follow Requests’. Now you can see that there is a list of all of the follow request that you had sent.

Step 5: Now just tap on the option to cancel on them.

That’s it, your work is done! This procedure can take a bit more time than expected depending on the follow request that you had sent. But still, at most can take 10 minutes of your time even if the number was in hundreds.

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