How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

Recover Unsaved Word Document: We all have been at a point where the Word document where we had drafted our academic reports, essays, articles, and other important content got deleted. Well, if you have ever had such an experience before, you know the struggle it takes to recover the deleted content.

recover unsaved word document

People panic when they lose the word documents they had been preparing for several days. There can be many reasons why you must end up losing the word document.

Perhaps, your MS word crashed or it disappeared, or you accidentally deleted the file. Maybe, you forgot to save the document.

Most people use the “autosave” feature to save their documents, but one small mistake can delete large chunks of information in no time. The good news is that Microsoft Word has made it quite easier for users to recover documents that aren’t saved.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to recover unsaved word documents.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Recover Unsaved Word Document

1. Recover Unsaved Word Document from Settings

  • Tap the File button located on the upper left corner of your screen
  • You will find a list of options.
  • Tap the “Manage Document” button.
  • After that click on Recover Unsaved Documents.
  • Locate the file that’s missing from the dialog box and hit the “Save As” button.

2. Try Data Recovery Software

If you have lost an important file that wasn’t saved on your computer, try data recovery software and other backup tools. The best way to ensure that you do not lose any file is by creating a backup in advance. This could be done via cloud software.

Make sure you have your files saved on the cloud so that you will have the information readily available whenever needed. Files that are being deleted from Google Drive and other cloud apps will stay in the recycle bin for the first 30 days.

Video Guide: Word File Recovery Solution | How to Recover Unsaved/Deleted Word Documents on Windows?

How to Recover Deleted Word Document

If you had the document saved on word, but you deleted it by accident, you can find it in the recycle bin. Whether it was deleted or removed due to the malware, “recycle bin” is your one-stop folder to find just about any deleted file in simple steps.

Open recycle bin, type the name of the file you want to restore in the search bar,  double-click on the file, and select the “restore” button to have it restored on your computer.

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