How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account

In the age of social media, Instagram has definitely occupied a significant place in not only the app list of our mobile phones but also in our social lives. But what if you have accidentally deleted your Instagram account? Did you just have a panic attack? Wait for a minute before you start believing that there is no way out.

recover permanently deleted instagram account

Before you start to read the article, there is one statutory warning, there are many applications and software that will claim to receive your permanently deleted Instagram account but quite a lit of them may turn out to be fake. It is therefore mandatory to check the authenticity of the software if at all you are using any and it is definitely a safe practice to abide by.

First let us have a look at the different cases, in which you may have to restore your Instagram account:

  • If your account has been disabled or banned by Instagram
  • If your Instagram account has been hacked
  • If your Instagram account has been deleted.

So, if any of the above cases is traumatizing you, it is time to start some action. Here are the steps to recover your permanently deleted Instagram account that you thought you’ll never be able to see again.

How to Recover Permanently Deleted Instagram Account

The first point to note here is that if your account has not been accidentally deleted and it was INSTAGRAM itself that did it, you can make an appeal to the Instagram Help Centre. Simply contact the help center and try to know the reason.

Now, here comes the steps to follow if you are in a quest to retrieve your permanently deleted Instagram account:

  1. Open the Instagram app on your device and go to the login page
  2. On this login page, input your login credentials like the user name and password
  3. If you want to reset the password, then try to apply the forgot password technique

It is well and good if you can reviver the account in this way. If not, then you have to extend your actions and by contacting the Instagram Team. You can get the easily available link to contact the Instagram technical support team. Once you click on the required link, you shall be redirected to a page that will pop up a form. In this form, you shall first have to specify the nature of the Instagram account – whether it is business or personal. Once you are done selecting click on the send option.

Now you shall be confronted with another form where you will have to fill up details like your full name (the one you used on your Insta account), your user name, the email address (use the exact email address used to sign in, you have to mention your country here as well.

Usually, the technical team of Instagram extends their support within 48 hours. This support is through an email that contains a code and a set of instructions that can be followed subsequently.

Now take a white sheet preferably A4. Now write down all the details including the code sent, mail id, full name, and the Instagram ID clearly in bold.

The next step includes clicking a clear snap of the person whose ID needs to be restored holding that same piece of paper. If all the steps are followed properly, then within 2-3 days the owner of the account will receive a link to restore their Instagram account.

Retrieving your permanently deleted Instagram account may seem to be difficult or completely out of the world but by following a few simple steps you can easily restore it. However precision and chronology of the steps need to be taken special care of.

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