How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos?

In this modern age, almost everyone is familiar with Whatsapp features. While you may know how to use different features of Whatsapp efficiently, you might face difficulty in recovering the deleted files and documents from social media. The file you have deleted from Whatsapp will not be visible in the Whatsapp cha where you had shared or received that file. Besides that, this file will also get deleted from your mobile’s gallery and internal storage automatically.

recover deleted whatsapp photos

The good news is there are quite a few ways you can get back the deleted files on your mobile.

The specialty of Whatsapp is that it saves all the messages, media files, and other content locally, rather than saving the copy of these conversations on the servers. This enhances the safety of the people, as the information is no longer accessible by any third-party through cloud apps. At the same time, it also makes it super difficult for the users to retrieve the lost or deleted files, as no information is stored on the Whatsapp servers.

Usually, people lose the data when they are deleting Whatsapp chats. The data gets deleted from your Whatsapp during the factory reset. Just like other social networking sites, it is important for users to have the backup of these messages and files saved on the cloud so that they can recover these messages if they are deleted from the mobile.

This is one of the reasons why it is absolutely important for people to enable cloud backup so that they can restore any deleted information in simple steps. If you don’t have the cloud backup enables, chances are you will never be able to recover the deleted chats or media files the natural way.

In this post, we will talk about a few easy and effective methods you can implement for recovering the deleted media files. Let’s get started.

How to Recover Deleted Whatsapp Photos

1. Ask the Participants to Resend the Media

If you were having a group conversation, there is a good chance the other recipients might have a copy of the deleted files. Ask other participants if they can share the deleted images with you. Sometimes, people end up deleting the images or chats accidentally. If you hit the “delete for me” button, the image will be deleted from your account, but the other participants might have already downloaded this image before you deleted it. Note that the images you have deleted for yourself will be accessible to all the participants.

2. Restore the Backup

Restoring the backup is the most popular method for recovering the deleted files from your Whatsapp account. It may not always be a suitable option for people to request other participants to resend the images that are deleted from your phone. If that’s the case, your best bet is to restore the backup. Whatsapp offers a backup support service for iOS and Android users.

If you had enabled the cloud backup when you deleted the texts, you can easily retrieve the files from the backup. Here’s how you can recover the lost files using the Whatsapp Backup feature.

  • Find settings on Whatsapp
  • Tap the “chats” button
  • Search for the “Chat backup option”

Here, you will find detailed information about the latest backup and how quickly the backup takes place. You can delete Whatsapp and re-install the application if you had deleted the media before your last backup took place. Once you have re-installed Whatsapp and verified your number, you will be able to see a message that asks you to restore the images and files from the backup.

This option, however, might result in deleting the texts, images, and files you had exchanged with the Whatsapp users since the last time the Whatsapp chat backup took place.

3. Whatsapp Photo Recovery Software

When no method works, your last resort is the Whatsapp recovery tool. Search for the recovery apps on Google and you will get a list of the latest Whatsapp recovery software apps that claim to offer quick and efficient recovery solutions. It may sound like the perfect way to recover just about any type of deleted file, but the truth is most of these apps do not work. Some apps might work, but they will charge you quite a few bucks, as recovering the deleted images require root access on your device.

Sadly, most third-party recovery software apps do not offer promising solutions. Once you have downloaded the app on your PC or smartphone, you will be asked to make a payment or provide root access to the app. They claim that these are the only ways they can fetch the deleted files for you. Now, you can find some trustworthy apps that are downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users.

However, the license can be quite costly. Chances are you will be charged around $20 to $50 for basic recovery services, which is pretty expensive. Even if you pay the amount, what are the chances the software will recover the deleted files efficiently?

4. Find the Deleted Files on Media Folder

This method works for Android users only. All the images and files you have exchanged between devices will be stored on the media folder by default. There is a good chance you might delete the image from the Whatsapp chat and retrieve it from the media folder.

Install Explorer app from Google PlayStore if you don’t already have the file manager or other similar app pre-installed on your device. Locate the Whatsapp media option and get a list of the images you have exchanged on the platform. It might look quite challenging, but this method has proven quite a useful option.

Unfortunately, this option is unavailable for iOS users. So, if you have iPhone, you will have to use the other methods listed above to request a copy of the deleted files.


So, these were some easy and effective ways for people looking to recover their deleted images and other such multimedia files on Whatsapp. It is better to take precautions and save your Whatsapp images in a separate folder or create a backup file so that you can access the media easily if it gets deleted.

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