How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android?

There was a time when moments were captured only by our senses. Though we absorbed each moment that way, it was impossible to revisit them later on because all that remained ever were distant memories in our minds. Then, the camera was invented followed by the invention of smartphones, which further led to capturing moments easily and preserving them neatly in our digital spaces.

recover deleted videos from android

In the wake of digitalization, smartphones have grown to be one of the most precious devices in our lives that we cannot part with. Android phones, iPhones, and Windows phones have parallelly pointed out to us the extent of activities that we can take part in just with the help of our phones.

Our phones truly mean life to us now. Whether it is for gaining information on something, attending an interview, talking with our loved ones, capturing the most prized moments of our lives, or simply for sitting back and enjoying a couple of videos or movies, we always look up to our smartphones. Another winning feature of these devices is their ability to retain vast chunks of memory where we can store whatever we want.

Storing photos, videos, and in them, our priceless moments have become easier than ever before. But what if one day we fail to find the videos that we were so fond of? Quite unnerving as it sounds, losing videos from android devices and other smartphones is a pretty common affair. Though recovering such videos would have been a myth earlier, it is possible today.

Yes, there are several ways we can use today to retrieve your deleted videos but first, it is important to know why our videos go missing from our android phones.

Reasons Why Video is Missing from Android

Though most of us prefer to keep only a bunch of videos on our smartphones now, we usually keep the best of the lot along with those that we need to keep handy. Yes, there are always some videos that we need to revisit time and again for work or entertainment regardless of what the reason is we all need to keep a limited amount of videos. Therefore, if we go back and see that a couple of videos vanished from that limited collection that we prefer to keep, then it is a really disheartening affair as much as it is shocking. Besides, we are ever so curious to know where they go!

There are a number of reasons if we wonder why we lose our videos. Here we look at some of the most prominent reasons responsible for the same:

Deletion – Deletion is the most common reason why a particular video or a couple of them can go missing. Yes, it happens with all of us when we are in a hurry or absent-minded and wanting to tap a specific but end up tapping a different one. If the latter option happens to be a trash can icon, then we cannot help but lose a video from our gallery. Though in most of such times we realize that we have made a mistake when we see our video vanishing away but by the time we realized it was a mistake, it is usually too late and the video file has already been deleted.

Data going corrupt – Our android phones store digital data and often it is likely to get corrupt. This happens due to multiple reasons that include incomplete download, old files, virus infection, the list is long. However, we should keep in mind that corrupt data can contribute to losing our files, for instance, our videos.

Can I Get Deleted Videos Back from Android?

Videos can go missing from your android phone for an array of different reasons but don’t worry because as we have mentioned before that they can always be recovered back. There are countless reasons behind vanishing videos, however, the most common reason is deleting them accidentally still they can be brought back.

If we delete a video or a file by mistake from our android phones, our phones will show that nothing occupies the space where the video or the file was previously present and that we can use that space to install, download, or transfer anything else. However, in reality, the video is still there until space is used again. Therefore, if these spaces are not rewritten by any other files, images or videos then we can recover our lost video.

Storage allocations differ across devices. Some of the android phones might have a large inbuilt internal storage so much so that the storage space cannot be extended by an SD card. On the other hand, other android devices allow you to insert an SD card in order to expand the overall storage space.

So, there can be two different situations when it comes to recovering your videos:

  • You have to retrieve a file that was originally present in your phone memory.
  • You have to recover a file that was stored in your memory card.

Though we can restore video files regardless of the circumstances we are under, they require different approaches to do so.

How to Recover Deleted Videos from Android

1. Recover Videos from Gallery

Deleting videos from the Gallery app is a common affair. Always remember that if you have accidentally deleted your videos from the Gallery app then the videos you are looking for are stored most often on the Recently Deleted folder. In such a case, you should also keep in mind that those files stored in the mentioned folder remain only for 30 days. However, after the expiry of the limited period of time, it automatically gets removed from the Recently Deleted.

Restoring via the Gallery app is a thing you can perform in case your precious file has been deleted from there. Here are some steps that you can perform then:

  • Open the recently deleted folder.
  • If you cannot find the recently deleted folder in your handset then try visiting Recycle Bin.
  • Once you are in the app, you will be able to access the lost videos if they are deleted from the Gallery.
  • Now, you can restore one or all of the videos or the files that you might have deleted recently.

Note – If you have already spent 30 days post the deletion of your favourite video, then unfortunately you cannot restore it via this method.

2. Recover Videos from My Files

The app titled My Files contains most of our important videos and many of them often get deleted from there. However, much like the Gallery app most of such videos can be retrieved. Check out some easy steps to restore the videos that you might have lost from your My Files app:

  • Launch the My Files app.
  • Tap and hold the file that you wish to send to the Recycle Bin.
  • You will now see the Move to Recycle Bin option. Here you need to select the same.
  • These files that you have pushed to the Recycle Bin will be staying there for the next 30 days.
  • Need you to restore the particular file/files from the Recycle Bin, you just need to tap the more option that is there with the symbol of 3 dots one after another.
  • Go to Recycle Bin.
  • Tap and hold the file you want to restore from the Recycle Bin.
  • Lastly, you need to tap on the Restore option.

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