How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

The android operating system is among the best operating systems that we can work with now. Developed mainly for mobile phones, the android operating system has been proven to offer a fast and hassle-free user interface for the users to carry on with their work without any interruptions.

recover deleted contacts

Along with Windows and iOS, Android has upped its features throughout the time to stand as a promising operating system for mobile users. Needless to say that the android is also not entirely free from errors or bugs that plague the OS but the active android community and the phone-specific communities, who are actively engaged to analyze user feedback and point out bugs are as efficient as ever, removing bugs from time to time with each update. Sometimes, these errors might also lead to data loss.

However, on numerous occasions we tend to remove our data inadvertently, resulting in the loss of our important data, inclusive but not limited to pictures, audio files, contacts, videos, and other important documents. Among some of the most poignant losses is sacrificing our contacts to errors.

Our contacts are something that we always tend to guard because these are a private list of connections that we all wish to keep in handy at all times. Therefore, as our phones are one of the things that are private to each one of us along with being mobile and capable of handling and storing a vast amount of data, we prefer to save our contacts on them. However, it is also important to note that we might lose them at times.

Can we recover our contacts after we lose them from our android phones? Are you looking for the answers? Then this is the place you will get to know everything about the same. So, go on scrolling the article till the end to know all that you want to!

How to Recover Deleted Contacts from Android

1. Looking for Hidden Contacts

If you have recently lost some of the contacts from your android phone, then looking for hidden contacts is something that you can try to bring back all of your contacts just as they were!

Yes, you can simply look for hidden contacts and locate your contacts there. Here’s how you can proceed with it:

Open your contacts:

The first step to retrieve your hidden contacts is to visit the Contacts of your phone. You can find this option right on your home screen or on the section where you get the apps.

Tap on More section:

After getting onto the Contacts section, you will find a More option, which is represented either by More or by a symbol of three successive vertical dots. You will get a pop-out menu after you do so.

Tap on Contacts to Display:

You can view the option “Contacts on Display” right at the top of the pop-out that you will get.

Note – On certain android phones you may only get the Contacts section open after you visit Settings.

Here, after you visit Contacts to Display you will find a couple of options, where you need to check the box that says All Contacts because that will let all contacts be viewed and accessed on your phone and not hide from you any contacts.

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