How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission

Zoom video conferencing is one of the few things students have considered as their institutions for the last two years. Ever since the pandemic hit and all personal meetings and gatherings were substituted for online alternatives, Zoom has captured the video telephone market with a storm.

record zoom meeting without host permission

It is a cloud-based peer-to-peer telecommunication software widely used to conduct video conferences at workplaces and provide distance education. Launched in 2013, it gained popularity after 2019 as the pandemic forced the world to shut and physical meeting impossible and dangerous. 

Zoom is available to download on Android, Windows, and iOS platforms free of cost. However, only a limited number of features of Zoom software are available to use for free. Unlocking other resourceful and productive features requires purchasing Zoom software either by individuals or institutions. 

Today, Zoom meetings have become a staple for employers and teachers to reach their workforce and students, respectively. However, one issue that you might have faced is that sometimes you are not fully attentive to the ongoings of a meeting. Maybe the information being imparted is just too much to comprehend at one go or that you are not in the right state of mind to understand what is going on. In such cases, recording the Zoom meeting to watch later is the obvious answer.

Here, in this blog, you will know how you can record a Zoom meeting without host permission. You will also know more about what Zoom software offers us a video telecommunication entity.

Let us begin.

Can You Record Zoom Meeting Without Host Permission?

Zoom allows only the host of a specific meeting to record the meeting, which can be shared later. It is not beneficial to say to your teacher or boss that you want to see what they have to say later and record this meeting. Not at all. However, if you wish to record a Zoom meeting without asking the host of the meeting for it, you have come to the right place. 

Zoom itself has no provision for you to record the audio and video as a participant without host permission. If you wish to use the record feature of the Zoom application, you will have to ask the host for permission to do so. It does not matter if you are a paid user or a free user; rules are the same for all at Zoom. 

However, there is a way around this troublesome situation. It is precisely what you are here for. Aren’t you? Now, the simplest way to record a Zoom meeting without host permission is to download a third-party screen recorder. Once you do so, you will be able to record audio and video for a Zoom meeting without the meeting host finding out.

If you are still unsure how to get both audio and video of a Zoom meeting into your screen recording, just follow the given steps:

How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission (Android)

Step 1: Unlock your device and download Mobizen Screen Recorder or any other audio-video screen recorder from Google Play Store. Install the application.

Step 2: Open Mobizen Screen Recorder. You will receive a prompt to purchase a premium package. Skip it for free use. You will see a Red Circle record button. Press the record button to start recording.

Step 3: Only after you have started recording your screen content start your Zoom meeting as a participant. Now, you will automatically record everything that is going on in the meeting on your screen. Mobizen will record audio as well as be played on your device.

Step 4: Once you are done recording, press the Red Circle button on your screen to stop recording. The recording will be saved to your device’s memory.

You can now record Zoom meetings on your Android device using Mobizen Screen Recorder or any other contemporary screen recorder you may.

However, you must note that the screen recorder must be turned on before beginning your Zoom meeting, not during it. It may not function properly if switched on in between a meeting. Also, the recorder will record not only the Zoom meeting audio but also your ambient noises. Also, make sure you place the device in a noise-free environment.

How to Record Zoom Meeting Without Permission (Windows)

Step 1: Turn on your device and download iTop Screen Recorder on your device. Install it. You can install this software for free on its official website.

Step 2: Join the Zoom meeting you want to record as a participant. On another window, open iTop Screen Recorder and select the area you wish to record. If you wish to record the entire screen, just click on Full Screen. 

Step 3: Click on the big Red Circle record screen icon. The recording will start. You can also press the F9 key to start recording your screen.

Step 4: Once done, press the F9 key again or click on the red circle again to stop recording. The recorded meeting will be stored in your device’s memory. 

As soon as you start recording, iTop Screen Recorder will start recording all images and audio of the Zoom meeting. You can record either the entire screen or a specific part of the screen in high-definition quality.

What Unique Features Does Zoom Possess That Make it Better?

Besides the highly exploited video conferencing feature of Zoom, it offers multiple other features rather than just plain video calling. Keep reading to find out what they are and how can you use them?

1. Virtual Backgrounds

This feature is available on the free Zoom web app version of this software. Using this, you can add any background you want to your Zoom video feed. It may be so you do not wish to reveal your environment to your colleagues or peers or to start a fun conversation.

 Using Virtual Backgrounds, you can make your Zoom video feed more interesting or sober, depending on your choice. For a perfect background placing, using a green screen behind yourself is recommended, but it works without it as well.

2. Remote Control

The Remote control feature is used mainly by business institutions for administrative matters. It is also available on the free version of the software. When using this feature, the host of the Zoom meeting gains access and privilege to control a participant’s device and make changes remotely.

Remote control feature allows seamless transition and software used for all participants. It comes in handy for hosts to conduct orientations on Zoom of new employees to the latest software, working methods, etc.

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