Random Name Generator

Are you searching for some random names? Whether you are creating a character in your new story or looking for an interesting random name for social media handles, the random name generator tool by iStaunch is your one-stop platform for all the words and names generating requirements.

The complexity level of the tool is extremely low. All you got to do is select the number of random names you would like to generate using the tool. Once done, you can choose whether you want female or male names.

Random Name Generator

Moreover, you can choose if you want only the initial name, surname or a full name.  That is it! As soon as you have made your selection, click the ‘Generate Random Names’ button right below these options. Our tool displays an extensive range of the same interesting first, last, and the combination of the female and male usernames.

random name generator

Sure, searching for a new name for your baby or a character for your story is as simple as running a Google search. However, there are times when the names available on the search engines are way too casual to be considered.

Why Choose the Random Name Generator?

One of the major advantages of using our tool over search engines and other name searching websites is that the user can select their favorite first alphabet for the random names. For example, if you pick the letter ‘R’ and hit the ‘Female Names’ button, our tool will display a long list of the possible female names that start with the letter R.

The major problem with long lists of random names is that it gets pretty overwhelming for users to make a selection from an array of interesting names. There’s a great possibility the names that are worthy of your attention will not be chosen.

This is because people find it overwhelming to have a look at all the names and choose the one that fits their taste. Using the iStaunch Random Name Generator tool, you can sort the search results by number. You get to select the number of options you’d like to be displayed in the search results.

Features of Random Name Generator

This way, the tool will only present a bunch of names, making it easier for you to select the most interesting and suitable option. The tool is being extensively used by people who are in search of some random boys’ and girls’ names. The best part is that it is 100% free software. You can search for as many names as you want. Moreover, you can use the tool multiple times without having to pay a single penny.

Character Names

The random name generator tool is especially useful for people who are writing novels, books, stories, scripts, and dramas. As you are creating a book, there’s a good chance you are going to need to select hundreds of names for multiple characters.

The random name generator tool by iStaunch makes the job a whole lot easier by searching for the most accurate names for your secondary characters and villains. The name of the character plays a pivotal role in portraying their part in the story. So, why not make the most of this opportunity and come up with something random yet authentic?

Baby Names

No doubt, you can find a plethora of baby names on the internet. But, as mentioned before, it can turn out a pretty exhausting and overwhelming job. With thousands of names to pick from, you may have to give every name a read.

So, are you searching for a decent yet unique child name for your baby? Use our Random Name Generator tool and get a chance to explore the most interesting girls’ and boys’ names. You can select the number of results to be displayed at a time so that you don’t end up feeling overwhelmed with multiple options.

What makes it even easier is the fact that the user can filter the search results by the baby’s gender. If you have delivered a baby girl, you can search for the female names.

Generate a Unique Nickname

Who doesn’t want to be called with a fun and unique nickname? Likewise, we love to give our friend’s exciting nicknames. If you are looking for a nickname for your friend or lover, use our Random Name Generator tool and input the first and last letter of their names to generate a matching and cute nickname. You could also add a few syllables for a more accurate search.

With lots of options to choose from, you can definitely find a cute nickname for your lover. Moreover, our random nickname generator tool is also a great way to find some annoying and hilarious nicknames for your best friends, who often irritate you.

Pet Names

Are you having a hard time brainstorming some cute nicknames for your pet? Well, worry not! Our random name generator tool is not confined to males and female names only. You could also find cute pet names for your recently purchased dog, cat, or a bird.

Give your pet the best and cutest name it deserves.

Pen Names

There are times when bloggers, authors, content writers, editors, and publishers are not comfortable with sharing their real names on the internet. That’s when our random name generator tool comes handy. You can generate your new pen identity by finding a unique and interesting pen name.  Do you know a majority of authors publishing blogs and articles on the internet write content under pen names? You could do the same! The interesting part is that it’s not going to need time to search for a random pen name. Use our tool to get different name ideas and pick the one that suits your personality and taste.

Registering an Account with a Website

Signing up with a website has become a common practice nowadays. If you need access to a casino, eBook, gaming, news, sports, and other niche websites, you will need to create an account with the platform by sharing your personal details. If you don’t feel like using your real name when signing up with a random website, feel free to use the name generator tool by iStaunch to create a random name that sounds genuine.

You can search for different names for signing up with different websites. In fact, it is a great way to get access to a new platform without having to share your personal identity.

Social Media Accounts

Stalking has become quite a common activity these days. People love to stalk celebrities’ accounts during their spare time. Not only celebrities, but we love to check what’s going on in other’s life. There are times when you don’t want to make your stalking habits obvious. That’s when you decide to create a fake account and follow these interesting people from a fake ID.

But, what should be the username of your fake social media account. Well, our random name generator tool is mainly used for generating unique and random names for social media sites. With the unique username, no one will ever doubt your account’s authenticity. This is an easy way to check other accounts without having to follow them from your real account.

Create a New Name

Not everyone likes their original name. If you want to be called with a unique and interesting name, pick your favorite name on our Random Name Generator Tool and use it for your social handles, blogs, content publishing portal, emails, and other fields.

So, these were only a few areas you can use the random names. Random names are used for multiple purposes. Should you need a unique and new name, check out the Random Tool Generator tool by iStaunch and select the most appropriate name.

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