Plan Instagram Content in an Instant with Free Combin Scheduler


Every day, marketers and entrepreneurs hear how important content is on social media, but not many of them take content planning seriously. Regardless of your social media marketing goals, Instagram content scheduling is a big deal.

By planning your Instagram content, you save time for more important things, you don’t have to worry that you’re not online when your audience is, and you can publish from your PC or Mac. But what’s more important is that you improve your Instagram performance: you boost ER, create better captions, build consistency, and control the whole content strategy in one service. But which service is that?

Free Combin Scheduler is the right solution for effortless Instagram content planning. So if you’re looking for a tool that will do the whole Instagram auto-publishing job for you, search no further.

How free Combin Scheduler works

Combin Scheduler is a free desktop solution for Instagram content planning and auto-publishing. With this tool, you can create, edit and schedule Instagram posts and stories for instant or delayed publishing. You can plan the content to go live for hours, days, weeks, and even months ahead and be sure that the posts and stories will be published down to the minute.

With Combin Scheduler, you don’t need to worry about manual publication; the tool literally publishes anything automatically, so you don’t need to upload posts or stories yourself after getting a notification as many other schedulers do.

Features of free Combin Scheduler:

  • Instagram posts and stories support

With the Combin scheduling tool, you can easily plan Instagram images and stories. Upload dozens of stories in an instant and save time for more important things. Even 15 minutes are enough to schedule a month of engaging Instagram content.

  • Image size editing

With Combin Scheduler, you’re able to fit your pictures to the Instagram aspect ratios when using the crop and zoom features. You can easily in-app change the image size to portrait, landscape, square, and vertical.

  • Locations tagging

Combin Scheduler allows you to specify relevant locations for your posts to attract Instagram accounts from your area. Combin Scheduler also remembers and gives you the last location you used to save your time.

  • Hashtags management

By including hashtags in your post captions you will draw attention, up the engagement rate and help others find you on Instagram. You can even group hashtags in Templates to use and edit them whenever you need.

  • Accounts tagging

If you want to boost more engagement on Instagram, you can mention other users in your posts.

  • Bulk stories upload

To upload and plan an Instagram story for publication, you can pick one or multiple images on your PC or Mac and schedule them in one click. With Combin Scheduler, you will easily say ‘No’ to time-consuming and boring stories planning since all you need to do is to drag and drop a handful of pictures from your desktop and plan them within the app.

  • Link in bio support

Combin Scheduler lets you add trackable links in your Instagram bio and generate traffic from your Insta page to your website with no fuss. When you’re planning your post or story, just add a link you want to show up in Instagram bio after the content goes live. If you have under 10,000 followers on Instagram and want to share a link when uploading a story, you can easily do so with Combin Scheduler.

  • Instagram grid layout styling

Curate a stylish Instagram profile with a strong visual voice that attracts new followers like a magnet. Preview what your future posts would look like together in the in-app calendar. You can control how the scheduled content looks like with a weekly calendar with thumbnails of the posts you’ve planned.

  • Instagram reposts

Combin Scheduler enables you to regram posts, such as user-generated content, your clients’ testimonials, real-time news and events, or merely anything you’ve found interesting and sharable. The image, caption, and hashtags are uploaded to your Instagram grid automatically, but you can easily delete or edit them with Combin Scheduler. You can also move the repost badge to any corner of an image, hide it or even change its colour.

  • 15 Instagram accounts management

If you have more than one or even two Instagram accounts you need to manage, search no further! Combin Scheduler guarantees effortless management and content creation for 15 Instagram accounts in no time is possible with Combin Scheduler.

Combin Scheduler is available for macOS, Windows and Ubuntu.

Combin Scheduler pricing

The tool is absolutely free to install and use. No catch! The software is completely free with no trial period or paid plans.


Download the app now and save lots of time on Instagram content creation!