Pitfalls of Facebook Business Suite All Marketers Should Know

There is no doubt that Facebook is one of the most effective digital marketing platforms that creates countless opportunities for the businesses to maximize their outreach to their target audience. Having a Facebook Business Page comes with tons of benefits. Your brand gets a distinct identity on such a popular social media platform and you easily build a credible image in the market.

facebook business suite

With the addition of Facebook Business Manager within this domain of digital marketing, things have changed a lot. In 2019, Facebook introduced this management tool to assist small businesses in efficiently managing their marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.

But there have been mixed reviews about this tool. If you are planning to shift your business management to Facebook Business Suite, then there are certain pitfalls that you must be aware of. Let’s get an overview about these risks that marketers must know about.

Your Ad Account Cannot be Removed

Most of the businesses run a proper ad campaign on Facebook. This ad campaign can be optimized for better results. If you sense that your ad campaign is not bringing you the desired results and your resources are going to waste, then you can terminate your campaign right away.

But this is not the case with Facebook Business Manager. Once you add your ad account to your Facebook Business Manager, then you cannot remove that account. This is something that new marketers don’t know about. Your ad account will be permanently linked to the Facebook Business Manager.

You can learn about better ways to run your Facebook ad campaign through online guides.

You May Experience Multiple Bugs

Tools are always meant to reduce your workload. VistaCreate for ad designs, SEMRush for SEO, and various other tools facilitate digital marketers. The main reason for automating the entire business marketing campaign is to add efficiency and reduce the effort. What if the same efficiency gets affected by bugs? This is surely not a favorable option for any business.

Before you start using Facebook Business Manager, you must know that this tool has a lot of bugs that businesses face now and then. Getting flagged for the unusual activities which you have not performed is one of such bugs. Your business page might also not load. The stress does not end here. You may also not be able to comment on page reviews.

Whatever the issue you may face; it takes time to report these issues and get them fixed. The time and resources which you could utilize for the benefit of your business get wasted in this bug fixing process.

User Interface is Not Intuitive

Why do most businesses prefer to leverage management tools for their marketing campaigns? The main reason is the convenience that these tools offer. It becomes less stressful for businesses to handle all the marketing management tasks by using these tools.

But Facebook Business Manager lacks this basic benefit that all management tools must have. It can be quite difficult for beginners to understand the interface. And if you are running a commercial business, then training your team for such an interface can be a hassle. You won’t be able to quickly shift your management tasks to this business suite. It would take too long before all of your staff members become familiar with the features of this tool. You can use online guides on how to use Facebook Business Manager.

If you have active users and you have recently shifted to this tool, then this might be a spell of struggle for your business. You also need a maintenance staff that regularly manages the maintenance work of your business page. First, you will create a proper setup, then you will train your staff about this setup, and then all the deployment will take place.

Negative Content Can Tarnish Your Brand Reputation

facebook business suite

Facebook is an open platform that allows people to publicly share their opinions and feedback. This freedom might be good for personal accounts. But it may turn out to be harmful to the reputation of your brand. Facebook does not offer any control to the businesses where they can control the negative posts and comments about their business.

This lack of control opens doors for your competitors to launch a campaign against your brand. They can post negative feedback about your services and products. The end result appears in the form of a bad brand reputation.

If you use an animation maker online and you are running a campaign for its marketing, then your competitors can easily label your tool as lackluster in creative designs and features. All this can be done merely through comments and posts.

The Takeaway:

Digital marketing is highly effective for your business. But blindly choosing Facebook Business Suite for your digital marketing campaign management may not be the right option for you. It will be a smart approach if you ponder upon the above-mentioned issues with Facebook Business Pages and come up with the right strategy before kick-starting your digital marketing campaign.

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