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With the increasing use of online banking and social networking sites, cyber crimes are getting pretty common these days. According to the research, more than 80% of account hacks happen due to weak passwords that are way too easy to detect.

Today, when hacking doesn’t even require professional skills and experience, it has become extremely important for people to create a strong password. In order to protect your private information and keep your internet account from getting hacked, you must set up a secure password.

Experts suggest people must select different passwords for their social and banking accounts so that if anyone gets access to your social accounts, they won’t be able to access into other accounts trying the same passwords.

It is best to add multiple characters, digits, and letters to the password to make it as strong as possible. A complex or hard-to-detect password not only keeps your account safe, but it reduces the risk of your social account getting hacked.

Password Generator

The Password Generator software by iStaunch is designed to help people generate a strong and random password featuring multiple characters. The software works well on each system, including Mac, Linux, and Windows. You can also use it on iOS or Android.

password generator

Our random password generator makes it easier for you to come up with a unique and 100% random password for each website. The passwords generated by the tool consist of a combination of the special characters, uppercase and lowercase characters. Let’s have a look at the factors to consider while selecting password for your social sites.

Grab your smartphone and head to our password generator tool.  All you got to do is select the number of characters you would like to have in the password and other details such as the lowercase character, digits, and special characters to get your desired results. For instance, you can exclude special characters or lowercase letters to make your password easy-to-remember yet complex for hackers.

As far as your security is concerned, you can rest assured that no passwords are saved on our servers or other place. We keep all details confidential.

Password Generator Features

Select a Different Password for Each Site

As mentioned above, it isn’t challenging for hackers to crack the simple passwords. Do you really think you can keep your name as a password and expect it to maintain the privacy of your account?

Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. If the people manages to crack the password for Instagram or any other social account, it won’t take them long to try the same passwords on different accounts and get access to all your online systems. This guarantees that the hacker won’t access all your accounts using the same password.

When selecting a password, make sure you make it different for each site you register an account with. Our tool helps generate a unique password for different platforms.

Create Complex Passwords

Unlike simple passwords, complex passwords are the ones that feature a minimum of 15 characters that include special letters, uppercase & lowercase letters, and other words. Simple passwords, on the other hand, are nothing but the name of your family member, your pet name, date of birth, phone number, favorite movie, and so on. You should consider creating a strong password that is hard to detect.

Save Your Password

Now that you have used a complex password, it may get hard for you to remember it. The best thing you can do is store the password on the Notes app and other such secure places. You can also note it in your notebook.

If you don’t have enough memory to save multiple passwords on your system, you could save your password in our password saving system and access it anytime and anywhere you want. Make sure to save the password after registering an account with it. The last thing you want is to forget the password you had used to create your account.

Save your passwords on at least two devices to ensure that you don’t lose its access.

Update Your Passwords from Time to Time

With cybercrimes increasing at a rapid rate, there is no guarantee how long you can run your account with the same password without getting your account details hacked. It is, therefore, important for users to keep changing the password of their social accounts from time to time in order to ensure security.

It comes mandatory to change password if you receive the notifications of your account being opened on a different device. This means someone else has gotten access to your system. If you believe someone is misusing your account, consider updating the password right away.

Never Reveal Your Passwords

Though nobody does that, there are times when people ask you to share your password so that they can make necessary updates in your account. These people claim to operate from a reputable bank or social networking site. They manipulate you into revealing your password so that they can access your account and steal your private information.

It is important to note that no website or company asks for your password. Being one of the most confidential aspects of security, your password isn’t something that could be shared over email or social sites. Other than that, never reveal your password to your friends.

Never Use PIN or Pattern

Many apps and websites allow users to choose between PIN/pattern and text password. While it may seem convenient, patterns and PINs are easy to detect. You never know how many people notice you while you were drawing the pattern. They don’t even need to look at your device to catch your hand movements. Similarly, PINs are not that hard to guess. Most people use the last or initial digits of their phone numbers as their PIN codes, while others choose their birth dates or important event date as passwords.

While it may be easier for you to remember, you may end up compromising your security. So, why wait? Create a secure password and boost your security.

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