How to Open Blocked or Banned Telegram Channels

Have you ever encountered “this account is unavailable” or “the account you are looking for is banned” error messages on Telegram? Well, if you were part of a Telegram channel that is banned now, you will not be able to access it unless the ban is lifted (which is only possible when the admin of the Telegram channel requests to lift the ban).

open blocked telegram channel

Each social media app comes with its set of privacy policies that are to be maintained in order to keep your account active. Violation of these policies can result in a banned or suspended account.

Telegram is no different. Like Whatsapp and Instagram, this social networking app has many privacy policies designed to protect the privacy of users and provide them with a safe place to connect with their peers.

For example, if you post 18+ content or adult videos on Telegram, your account will get suspended or banned for good. Similarly, many users reported the pirated content on telegram, i.e. the link of the movies and web series posted illegally.

If your account is reported by a large number of users, Telegram might ban it to protect users’ privacy.

In this post, we are going to walk you through a few easy and effective tips for lifting this ban from your Telegram channel. 

Let’s first understand the reasons why Telegram might ban your account or channel and then we will take a detailed look at the steps you can get your channel unblocked easily.

Why My Telegram Channel is Banned?

Telegram channels are a way for businesses, brands, and influencers to build a connection with their fanbase. By adding people to your Telegram channel, you can get your content promoted to a wider fanbase effectively.

However, each admin and the user is supposed to stick to Telegram’s privacy policy in order to keep using the platform. Your account does not get banned unless you have violated this privacy policy.

Here’s when your Telegram channel might get blocked.

  • Posting 18+ videos or adult content that goes against Telegram’s privacy policy.
  • Harassing and threatening people.
  • Misusing someone’s private information.
  • Getting your channel reported by a mass audience because of illegal content r pirated content.

How to Open Blocked/Banned Telegram Channel

1. Contact the Support Team

If you encounter the error message that says your Telegram channel is no longer available, your best bet is to reach out to the support team to get the issue clarified and resolved.

Check out their official “support” page in order to reach your Telegram’s support team. Write a detailed report of the issue you have been experiencing. Based on this, you will get a reply from the team showing you whether or not they can fix the problem. They will give you a list of instructions suggesting how you can get your channel back within the next 24 hours of filing a complaint.

If it’s an error from their end, they will fix it straight away. However, if your account ban is due to a privacy violation, the procedure of getting it back could differ.

2. Disable Filtering

There are times when your individual account is removed from the channel, thus the error saying the channel is unavailable. This happens on Apple phones, as the company has introduced strict privacy policies which might restrict your use of Telegram.

So, if you are in a group where 18+ content is posted, either the group is removed or you are removed from the channel. You can fix the problem by disabling filtering.

If you receive the message “this channel is unavailable”, you need to remove the Telegram restriction using the following steps.

  • Open Telegram and head over to the “settings” tab.
  • Click on “privacy”.
  • Under the sensitive content tab, toggle off the “disable filtering” button.

There you go! Restart your device and try again to access the same channel. There is a good chance you will be able to access the content given that the reason your account got banned was the age restriction. If the method does not work, here’s the next step.

3. Unblocking Telegram Channel with Nicegram App

Nicegram is quite similar to the Telegram app and is a great way to access the Telegram channel that you got blocked from. Nicegram can be used to unblock a Telegram channel. Here are the steps for downloading and registering an account on Nicegram.

  • Visit the official website of Nicegram.
  • select the “login with Telegram” section.
  • At this point, the app does not have access to your private information.
  • You need to use your Telegram login credentials to create an account on Nicegram.
  • Hit the “save” button to save all the information.
  • This will restart Nicegram.

Nicegram is compatible with Android and iOS devices. You can download the app on your mobile to continue using Telegram’s banned channel.

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