Odin for Mac – Download and Install jOdin3 for Free

We always get stuck when we want to connect our android smartphones with any of iOS devices like; Macbook, Macbook Air, iMac, etc. as very few tools are available in the market that helps in connecting smartphones with iOS devices.

But now the worrying days are over as Odin is released to help us for the same.

odin for mac

Lets first know what Odin is.

Odin is the flash tool launched by Samsung Inc. Specially for Samsung smartphones and tablets. As it is a very lightweight and still powerful tool millions of users are using it worldwide. Currently, Odin is compatible only with Windows OS but if you want to use it on your Linux or MAC OS, you will have to use Heimdall. If you want to flash your device’s firmware, first of all, you will have to put your device on the Odin or Download mode.

The features of Odin.

Odin is built not only to connect your android smartphones or tablet to flash your device’s firmware but you can also use it as a bootloader, update the kernel or root the device.

The most used and known features of Samsung Odins are :

Flash Stock Firmware – You can use Odin to flash stock firmware of your Samsung device in situations like; crash down, boot loop or any software operating related errors.

Flash Custom Firmware – It is also known as Flashing Custom ROM. So with Odin you can modify and custom the required or desired processing of the ROM by replacing or modifying some of its content.

Flash Recovery File: Just like TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project), Odin also facilitates to recover the Flash Stock or Custom Recovery. So using Odin you can add more functions to your android device of Samsung.

Flash Kernels – Like Flash stock or custom firmware, you can flash stock or custom kernels of your device that are not provided by the manufacturer. For that, you simply need to check whether Odin Flashable custom kernel (.tar) is compatible with your device and make it possible to Fashing Stock or Custom Kernel on your device.

Flash Root Package – With Odin you can let root access on your device by Flash Custom Root package.

Have iOS and want to use Odin? Don’t worry you can use it on your MAC Devices as it is compatible only with windows. Thanks to the expert XDA Developers who have designed and developed a compatible version of Odin to make it work on MAC – and is known as JOdin.

The latest version of Odin for MAC is JOdin3 which is available on many sites. All you need to do is go for a trustworthy website to download the same and enjoy the safe and excellent flash tool on your Mac Device.

To use JOdin3 on your Mac device must fulfill these requirements.

  1. Your Mac device must have updated the latest version of ios so that JOdin can work as expectations and with all available features.
  2. To easily connect your smartphone with your Mac Device it must have USB drivers installed and updated.
  3. You will need to uninstall Samsung Kies software from your device to let JOdin3 get downloaded and be compatible to work smoothly on your Mac device.
  4. Download and install Java Environment on your device
  5. Along with Java, you will need to install Heimdall to make your JOdin3 work.

To Download and Install JOdin3 on your Device :

  1. Download JOdin3 the latest version of Odin from the XDA Developers site.
  2. Extract the zip file and install the software and wait for it home panel to pop upon completion.

How to use Odin on your Mac

  1. One the Home panel pops up you will get to see many options listed on it.
  2. Then scroll down and click on PDA to open it.
  3. Go to the .tar.md5 file and then boot your smartphone to Odin or download mode using keys of volume down, home and power simultaneously during the rebooting process of your device.
  4. Then on the Odin window let the auto-reboot option be unchecked and set rest all options to uncheck. Then click on the start button.
  5. As soon as the flashing process will complete, your device will be rebooted automatically.

Note: Always keep a backup of your device data before using JOdin to Flash it.

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