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We all know about NPI and the NPI has always been helpful to us, isn’t it? In case you need to make any electronic transaction associated with HIPPA, Health Insurance Portability, and Accountability Act of 1996, you would need your NPI number. The same might also be used by healthcare providers in case they want to identify themselves or other providers in healthcare transactions or any related correspondence.

npi number lookup

Furthermore, it is also used by physicians on prescriptions, health plans in their communications and transactions, for the coordination of benefits with other health plans, for the identification of health care providers in electronic patient medical records, and by the Department of Health and Human Services as well. The Department of Health and Human Services uses NPI in order to track the providers especially for the cases of fraud and abuse, and other functions.

Therefore, it is clear that the NPI number is used by a wide variety of people like the healthcare providers who are covered under HIPPA including but not limited to individual practitioners, members of the group, and of other organizations.

Now, we need to come to the topic in question, which is NPI number lookup.

Yes, we are aware of the many uses of the NPI number we have but in case you are not aware of your NPI number, then none of its usages can be utilized, isn’t it?

Our NPI number might not always be with us but should that be a challenge for us always?

No! This is because we might also try and find out our own NPI number without any difficulties if we are thorough with the process.

You can find an NPI easily and without any hassles by searching the full database at The database there, which you will find, is regularly updated with the latest information of the NPIs as provided by the individuals and/or other organizations.

NPI Number Lookup

If you are wondering how else you can find your NPI number, then don’t really bother yourself because we are here to help you out!

In case you are still afraid then it is great to mention here that you can opt for a bunch of websites out there and locate your NPI number online without the least possible hassles. However, each of these websites has its own features and drawbacks while using them. Hence, we thought that it would be great to let you know about them, their features and drawbacks.

This website is a gem of a site in case you are looking to check your NPI number quickly and get tons of information as well about your NPI number. Furthermore, it also provides its users with a great bookmark link for their personal references. It is a clear winner among all other websites used to check for the NPI number.

This is another website that you can use to find your NPI number but only if you agree to click on a few links before you finally get to the page. This website helps all the organizations to look for their respective NPI numbers, which is great!

This is yet another website that you can use and is easier still. Here on this website, you would find it very easy because it breaks down things into tabs that are easy to use!

You can also browse through the data you will find here to check if registration was correct or not.

This is the actual website that helps to get your NPI. However, this website is found annoying by many of the users simply because there are too many different links to click before one can get his/her NPI number.

Being the fastest and easiest website to use, NPINumberLookUp is certainly a winning website that will give you your NPI number without much hassle.

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