How to Make Text Appear and Disappear on TikTok (Fast & Easy)

Make Text Appear and Disappear on TikTok: TikTok is one of the most trending social media platform among youngsters as it allows users to upload short, entertaining and funny videos and make them popular among other users or viewers. You can either use this app for only entertainment purposes, not only to upload videos but you can also just watch other users’ videos.

make text appear and disappear on tiktok

If you are thinking about making a video, you have to find a live video and edit it before you upload it on your profile as it provides many customization tools that help to customize videos according to different requirements to make videos more entertaining.

For example, you can add musical effects, visual effects, trim videos, and make duet videos by collaborating with other creators.

But what if you want to make text appear and disappear on TikTok as there is no specific tool available for that?

If you’re new to TikTok, this guide will tell you how to make text appear and disappear on TikTok.

How to Make Text Appear and Disappear on TikTok

  • Open TikTok and tap on the + icon at the bottom to start making your video.
  • Record the video by clicking on and holding the shutter.
  • Select the checkmark and click on the text. Type the text which you want to appear and then click done.
  • Tap on text you have just added and select the Set Duration option to set the duration period for which text appears in your video.
  • Select the point where you want your text to appear by dragging the marks inwards.
  • The minimum duration for which your text has to appear should be not less than 1.0 seconds.
  • Click on the checkmark and text will appear and disappear in TikTok video while you play it.


You all have gathered enough information about how to make text appear and disappear feature which is provided by TikTok. Keep making videos and enjoy your time and entertain your viewers.

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