Mac Serial Number Lookup

The serial number of your MAC device is a unique identifier number that separates your device from other MAC models. The company will ask the serial number of the MAC users who need to use the warranty of the device. Similarly, if the device ever gets stolen, you are supposed to give its serial number to the police to make it easier for them to find your lost device. It is therefore important that you note the serial number of your MAC in advance so that if it ever gets stolen or damaged, you can report its serial number to the police and have it back.

mac serial number lookup

The MAC’s serial number can be found on the interface of the device, i.e. as soon as you open MAC. However, if you don’t have the device or it isn’t working, you may have to look for its serial number on the packaging or the case. If your MAC is stolen or damaged to a point where you can’t switch it on, plus its package and case have also gone missing, your only bet is to search for the serial number on a MAC serial number lookup tool. Basically, the information about your MAC’s device is available on Apple’s website.

If the Device Turns On

There is absolutely no issue for those who have a MAC in working condition. You just have to turn it on to note the serial number. Once you switch it on, click on the small apple icon located on the top left corner of the screen. Select the “about this MAC” option to find information about MAC. You will be shown the details like the current version of your Mac, its serial number, hardware details, and more.

If the Device is Off

If you can’t switch on your Mac, you can find the information about its serial number somewhere on the package. The number can be found on the back of the device, right next to the “designed by Apple in California” option. If you are using a Mac Pro, you can find its serial number on the back panel. If it’s a Mac Mini, the number is displayed on the bottom.

The question is what if your Mac is stolen or misplaced? Fortunately, it is still possible to locate the serial number of your Mac if it gets lost or misplaced. If you have ever signed into your Mac device using the Apple ID service, your account will be connected to the Apple ID. Select your Mac’s name right under the “Devices” section and you will get the serial number of your device.

Another place to find the serial number of your Mac is by checking the purchase receipt or the email. If you bought the device from the online Apple store, you will find the information about the serial number in the email. If you purchased it from an Apple store, its information will be given on the receipt.

Mac Serial Number Lookup

The above methods will definitely help you find the serial number of your Mac, but if you can’t find this information anywhere, your last resort is the Mac serial number lookup tool. That’s where you could find just about any information about your MAC device.

All you have to do is enter the model name in the search bar and click on the magnifying button right next to the search bar. There you go! You will get the serial number of your Mac, along with other necessary information.

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