How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Whatsapp Without Broadcast

WhatsApp has to be among the world’s fastest-evolving instant messaging applications currently. The app has been downloaded over 5 billion times on Google Play Store alone, which are staggering numbers!

know if someone saved your number on whatsapp without broadcast

What more do we need when we can text, make audio/video calls, and use the story function all for free and without ads? In addition, the app gained our appreciation when it launched on the WhatsApp web.

We frequently observe how the application releases upgrades and brings new services to its users. They even let you know about significant updates via WhatsApp stories!

The popularity of this platform has soared so high that any time we meet someone new, we ask for their WhatsApp number. Everything is good until it is not, though!

We all occasionally feel the impulse to check if our new friend has saved our phone number on the app or not. We frequently think about this matter and look for an answer.

Please be aware that, except for broadcast, there is no easy method to determine whether a particular person has saved your phone number on this platform.

But there are always hints that might point us in the right direction. So, try not to be let down. We’ll do everything in our capacity to assist you.

How to Know if Someone Saved Your Number on Whatsapp Without Broadcast

The visibility of someone’s profile photo on WhatsApp is the first indicator of whether they have saved your phone number. However, this tip we have discussed has a limit.

Many people don’t like using their profile photos on WhatsApp. Therefore, they either take it out after a while or don’t put any at all.

So, we need to do a few additional steps to confirm it. And we’ll help you get through it.

Saving the number on your device (device 1)

Step 1: Save the WhatsApp number of the person in question in your phone book/contacts.

Step 2: Launch WhatsApp app on your smartphone and tap on the text icon at the bottom right.

Step 3: Do you see the search bar on the top? Tap on it and enter the name of the person you just saved in your phonebook.

Saving the number on any other device nearby (device 2)

Repeat the method for device 2 just like you did for device 1. So, do you see the profile picture on this number or not?

Situation 1: You can see the profile picture from your device (device 1) but not from the nearby device (device 2). It implies that the person has saved your contact and changed their Privacy settings for a Profile photo to My contacts.

Situation 2: You can see the profile picture from both devices. They might have their Privacy settings for a Profile photo to Everyone. It is impossible to know for sure if the person has saved your phone number or not in this case.

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