iPhone Says Voicemail Is Full But It Is Not, Here’s How To Fix

Fix iPhone Voicemail Full: People who receive many voicemails may find that they end up getting a notice indicating that their voicemail is full.

voicemail full

When a voicemail is full for this reason, it can be annoying, but there is an easy fix. Delete some old voicemails that you no longer need, and you’re done. You’ll be receiving voicemails again in no time!

However, for some people, this is not the case after all; in fact, sometimes you might only have a few voicemails saved in your iPhone, and yet you still get a warning message saying voicemail is 95% or 100% full.

Here you can find a complete guide to fix iPhone Voicemail is full.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

How to Fix iPhone Voicemail Is Full

There are a few possible reasons for your iPhone saying that the voicemail inbox is full when it actually isn’t.

The most common DIY solutions for this issue are shown below so that you can go back to normal as soon as possible. After all, no one wants to miss out on those important voicemail messages.

1. Check the iOS Version

The most common reason for an iPhone voicemail inbox to be showing as being full is because they are running the older version of iOS.

voicemail full

If you are not running the most up to date version of iOS, this could be the reason that your device is not showing voicemails.

As such, this should always be your first thing to check when trying to work out if your voicemail is playing up. To do this, simply head to your phone’s settings and update it to the latest version.

2. Clear Old Messages

So, you think you’ve cleared out your voicemail by pressing delete – but have you really?

People who get an excessive number of voicemails, or especially long voicemails, might find that their phone says the voicemail inbox is full when they’ve deleted some of their old messages.

However, the thing that catches people out here is whether the messages are properly deleted or not.

To delete every trace of the voicemails that you no longer need – thereby freeing up space in your voicemail inbox for more messages – start by heading to your voicemails.

You should then be able to select “deleted messages” somewhere near the bottom edge of the screen, which will subsequently allow you to clear all messages. This will adequately wipe the old voicemails from your device to take up voicemail storage space still.

3. Resetting the Voicemail Inbox

If you think that your iPhone might be registering the voicemail inbox as full when it is not, you may need to reset your voicemail.

But how can you reset the voicemail?

The first thing that you will need to do is check whether the voicemail needs to be reset, as this potentially may not be the problem.

To do this, login to voicemail by calling *86 on your mobile (for Verizon services – other operators will have different numbers) and then enter your voicemail pin.

If you don’t know your pin, don’t worry; finding it out is relatively easy! Call Verizon, and they will help you change the old password to a new one once they have verified your identity.

Next, after entering the password pin, you need to press 1*** (1 followed by three asterisks). Press the green call button; the phone call will immediately hang up on you, and this should have reset your voicemail inbox.

4. Reset the Network Settings

To do this, start by heading to your phone’s settings. Select the General tab, and then navigate to Reset.

voicemail full

From here, you should then see an option to reset network settings and your network info should all be reset. This may also help to allow you to access your voicemail inbox again and receive new voicemails.

Be aware, however, that this may also delete your iPhone’s existing network settings, these include things such as WiFi settings and phone passwords.

5. Check the Carrier

Sometimes, the problem isn’t actually to do with your mobile device and is a result of the carrier’s mistake. Your carrier is the company that provides you with your phone services and is responsible for making sure that you get the voicemails sent to you.

If you are concerned that the problem may result from the carrier’s services being faulty and not a direct of your mobile device, you may want to check online forums to look for other updates.

Wrap Up:

If the above options don’t solve the problem, though, then the best way to proceed is to directly contact your cellular network provider to see if they can help you to resolve the problem.

Since the network provider is directly responsible for your voicemails, they should be able to help you find a way to fix things.

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