How to View iPhone Call History

iPhone Call History: iPhone call history also known as call logs or call details that stores important information such as incoming, outgoing, and missed calls.

iphone call history

Basically, iPhone call history contains a list of calls that you have dialed from your device, received and missed calls with caller name, number, date, time, and exact duration.

There are so many situations in which you might want to check iPhone call history such as:

  • It is imperative to know about your kid’s call details to prevent a troublesome situation.
  • Keep an eye on your family member, spouse or friend’s call logs.
  • Just want to find the caller’s number, name, or recording.

Here you can find complete guide on how to view iPhone call history.

And let me be clear about something:

This ultimate guide NOT only shows you how to view iPhone call history, but you will also learn exactly how to increase iPhone call history.

Sound good? Let’s dive right in…

How to View iPhone Call History

  • First, unlock your iPhone and launch the Phone dialer app.
iphone call history
  • Click on the Recents tab to view your recent phone call details.
iphone call history
  • If you want to see more details, then press the lowercase “i” button.
  • Here you can see different options such as create a new contact, add it to an existing contact, share contact, send a message, add to an emergency contact, add to favorite, etc.
iphone call history
  • When you scroll down to the last you may notice that it only displays the most recent 100 logs of that history.
  • If you want to see older entries, then you need to delete the recent ones. (OR Continue reading to see iPhone call history of all time)

For iPad users, open the Settings app, scroll down and select FaceTime from the list, simply toggle on the calls from iPhone to see it.

Cocospy – Check All Time iPhone Call History

Cocospy allows you to check the call history of any iPhone device without touching their phone. But keep in mind that it’s not available for free. Here’s how you can.

Cocospy’s iPhone Spy

  • Enter email id and password to create a new account.
iphone call history
  • Once your account created, select iOS from the list.
iphone call history
  • There are two different plans available for iOS device. You can select according to your requirements.
iphone call history
  • After you choose the plan and complete payment, enter the iPhone number whose call history you want to check.
  • That’s it, on the next screen you will see the call history of any iPhone device.
iphone call history

Cocospy also allows you to also check Messages, WhatsApp, LINE, Photos, Contacts, Location, and much more.

How to Increase iPhone Call History

Unfortunately, you can’t increase the iPhone call log history as the iOS is limited to display only the most recent 100 records. There’s no official way to do that.

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