Instagram Reels: How Effective Are They For Branding?

Reels are a new attribute added to the Instagram available features. It came as a new alien concept to the Instagram feed and generated a plethora of thoughts into people’s minds. The questions referred to the type of future reels will bring upon and how it will impact the other necessary features on the platform.

instagram reels

The concept of Reels is a revised version of the TikTok mini videos that you may be familiar with. Many people accused and criticized the inclusion of this media format but the truth lies in the fact that this video format is the future of Instagram.

As per many official interviews, it has been concluded that Instagram is no longer a sole- photo-sharing application and has far more capacities waiting to be upheld.

Reels are one of the best measures a brand can undertake to drive results and leads from their endeavors.

This new addition is likely to drive enormous results and assist in boosting your Instagram likes. For instance, many brands such as Sephora, Netflix, and Walmart are incorporating reels in their brands for huge outcomes.

Use this Reels: 101 to see notable results just like the other brands, influencers and individuals are watching.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are mini-videos that can last for 3 to 30 seconds. You can develop engaging and brief-term videos and experiment with them and add GIFs, Stickers, Photos, Text, and much more. Reels has undergone various alterations, additions, and revisions throughout its Beta Stage.

The recent inclusions are a specific, dedicated tab for Reels. You can watch Reels on the Explore page or watch them on the dedicated Tab located to the bottom in the center.

A huge variety of influencers and brands use Reels to attract audiences and grab their attention. You can incorporate these striking segments along with the other current features and drive traffic to your account.

It’s a tried and tested operation and has the scope to drive a wide audience to your brand. If you are a business, short-term videos are essential to allure a wide audience and reach over a population of millions in more than 50 countries.

How to Create Attractive Reels and Get Started?

The two available ways of creating Reels include Recording the videos with the help of the Record button on Instagram in the Reels option and the other option is a deeper accessible choice to upload the videos from your already-shot videos in the gallery.

The videos can be added in portrait format and it is advisable to always shoot and showcase videos in the 9:16 format for amassed effortless viewing experience without tilting their mobile phones.

The steps to create Reels include:

  • Record or upload videos or photos for up to 3 to 30 seconds.
  • The added feature is the timer- You can decide how long you want the fragments and sections of the videos to be so that it stops recording as the timer stops.
  • Add texts, other graphics such as stickers, effects, and filters.
  • Upload the video to the platform.

The videos are uploaded for a mass audience available globally. When your Reels are featured on the Explore Page, you will receive a notification from Instagram to notify you and appreciate your original content.

This is the smartest and the best way for your brand marketing and is a highly addictive formula to keep your audience engaged.

How Do Brands Keep a Track of Reels’ Performance?

Business and Creator accounts need to understand the extent of their mini-videos progress. This is a crucial stride to ensure that the brief tapes hit the imprint on the execution and guarantee that the brands are going in the correct course.

You can watch Reels pursuance in the Instagram Analytics Section. The metrics of Reels execution includes the following segments that need to be catered:

  • Accounts Reached: This absolute measure allows you to track the number of people that have reached your reels.
  • Plays: The aggregate of the times your Reels has been played may or may not be equivalent to the population it has concurred. Plays depict how often your videos have been played and institute the performance of the Reels.
  • Likes: An essential measurement tool that shares how many people have liked your video segments.
  • Comments: A lot of times you may notice that people share their views, inquiries, and thoughts on the reels which can be accessed in the Analytics section as well.
  • Shares: This segment depicts how many people have shared your videos. This is an outright metric to gain popularity and reach potential customers on Instagram.
  • Saves: Saves sign is similar to a Bookmark and is a great way to know the number of people who have saved your posts and Reels on the platform.

Top 6 Ways to Include Reels for Effective Branding

1. Share Knowledgeable Content

Create your niche-specific contents to interact with your audience. It can be tips, tricks on how to use a product, ways to elevate their performance, and existing operations with your product and services.

Create short, fun, and easy-to-digest content under your niche to accord towards a larger audience by providing value.

A lot of people will not directly correspond to why they should buy from you and would be more interested in collecting information and knowledge in your niche.

This preferential is crucial to attracting a huge crowd in your niche and reaching potential customers with time.

2. Flaunt Your Products

The intriguing fact about Reels is that they are not only limited to your followers or the people in your niche. The impact of reels is humongous and far-driven.

They are showcased globally. Use this aspect to offer thought-provoking content and an opportunity for people to know your products in action.

Use textual overlays, melodies, and striking captions to appeal to the favored audiences.

The reality is that your Reels are available in the Explore section and the Reels Tab allows you to increase the reach of your products all across the globe.

Let the audience know how do your products differ from other companies and the values it brings.

3. Share What Goes Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes is an intriguing way to dwell with your customers and interact with your supporters and other people. People get to know what goes under the covers.

 It is an ideal way to interact with your customers and followers. You can post descriptive details about your passions and what drove the ideals of your business.

Engage in ‘Day in your life’ videos to show what goes beneath the surface and the hard work that gets into the process and creation of the products.

Personal connections are ideal in developing deeper associations and kinship in the long term.

4. Include Hashtags and Captions

Content is the king. Your videos will drive more people towards you and potential customers as well.

Captions are an additional accessory to uplift any information or the content you are sharing via reels.

Make sure to create witty, original, and alluring captions for your video segments and increase chances to interact with the audience. Hashtags act as the Search button for people.

It systematically arranges all the data into a specific format so that people can search better and more efficiently. The Algorithm zones out the reel under specific categories.

So, choose relevant and significant hashtags to reach a greater audience and captivate the necessary population.

5. Use Trendy Musical Overlays

Trendy music is depicted by the ‘Small Arrow’ at the side of the song or the sound’s name and outrights the other tools.

Reels have ignited the use and awareness of the recent songs in advertising to uplift the campaigns and showcasing of products.

You often see that a song is being repeatedly used in the Reels section and this is another way to know the recent trends on Instagram.

Interactive and endearing audio or voiceover conveniently gets played out and draws the attention of people.

You can draw all the right eyes on you and your content with the help of trendy music as it is a known fact that trendy music does help in effective reels and automatically promote your brand.

6. Make Transitions Your Bestie!

Transitions are evident measures to get your audience to watch your reels. Reels become more effective in branding when you use transitions.

Every brand, influencers, and individuals find transitions as a crucial aspect of reels. This pertains to the fact that people may have a short period.

When you use original, creative, and unique transitions, you can capture the attention of your audience effectively in the first 2-to 3 seconds.

This helps the brands to stop people from constantly scrolling down and reach the potential customer and leads.


Reels are gradually taking over Instagram. It becomes crucial for the brands to get a hold of Reels using the Tips to gain more followers and insights boosted by Reels solely.

Reels can help you go beyond your expectations and achieve unimaginable results within a short period.

They are optimum for profit maximization and reach the audience through brief videos with numerous capacities and elements beyond the expectations and reach of an individual or a company.

The only necessary condition is to be consistent with the rees and publish them on a timely schedule. The capacities of Reels are enriching and expanding and have the utmost abilities to go viral with the support of the audience and original content.

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