Instagram Engagement Calculator

The likes, comments, shares, number of viewers, and followers are not just usual Instagram metrics. But, they are a way to determine your engagement rates. Every brand takes the engagement rate of social media influencer into consideration before collaborating with random people. Despite being an important element for social media marketing, there is no specific formula to calculate engagement rates.

instagram engagement calculator

Calculating your Instagram engagement rate is pretty challenging. Should you consider the impressions your posts receive or the followers you generate? Do Likes matter? Is engagement calculated based on the number of times your audience shared your post with other Instagram users? To help you find your Instagram engagement rate, we’ve come up with some easy and interesting methods. Let’s check them out.

Instagram Engagement Calculator

A majority of Instagram users calculate their engagement rates by adding likes and comments their average posts receive. But, some people believe that the number of times a post is saved should also be counted to calculate an accurate engagement rate.

Another major debate is whether likes and comments are given equal consideration. This is because some Instagram accounts receive only a couple of likes yet thousands of comments while other accounts get thousands of likes and only a few comments.

That’s not the only complication. Another issue is if Instagram engagement calculation should be based on total impressions or followers? Basically, people have different opinions when it comes to the Instagram engagement rate calculation. Here we’re listing some tried and trusted ways to figure out the engagement rate of an Instagram account.

Engagement Rate by Your Total Reach

Content is king! The better your posts are, the more people will interact with your brand. So, the first and most-used Instagram engagement rate calculation formula is ERR (engagement rate by reach). Basically, it helps you determine your engagement rate based on the user’s interaction with your posts. The following formula is used to calculate the engagement rate by reach for a single post.

  • Engagement Rate = audience’s engagement on a single post / total reach

Now, this formula is for calculating engagement per post. If you want to find out the total engagement rate for multiple posts, follow the below-mentioned formula:

  • Average Engagement Rate = Total ERR / Number of Posts

So, far engagement calculation by reach is considered an effective way of figuring out your actual engagement. It tells the exact engagement of your content. Followers may or may not check your posts. That being said, this approach works wonders for brands who want to know the ROI they could expect by collaborating with a particular influencer. This method also includes people who aren’t following your account but are exposed to your content by hashtags, feed pages, and shares.

One drawback of this method is that your reach count can fluctuate significantly. Some posts may not even receive half the amount of engagement you average post gets. So, this formula may not give accurate results.

Engagement Rate Calculation by Posts

This engagement rate calculation formula is similar to the one listed above, except for the fact that the engagement is calculated based on your follower count per post rather than reach. The method gives accurate results and is often used to determine the number of followers that engage with your posts. Let’s have a look at the formula:

  • Engagement Rate = Engagement Per Post / Followers x 100

If you want to calculate the engagement for all posts on your Instagram account, then follow this formula:

  • Average engagement rate by posts = ER by posts / Total number of posts

Calculating the engagement rate based on the followers gives better and effective results as compared to the ERR method. This is because it is a stable metric.

Engagement by Impressions

Note that reach and impressions are two different concepts. Reach implies the number of people, who check your content. The impression is the number that signifies the number of times the particular post has appeared on the user’s screen.

The formula is:

  • Engagement Rate = Engagement per post / impressions x 100
  • ER impressions = Total Impressions / number of posts

However, it is best to combine this method with reach and followers engagement rate formula for effective results. Impressions can be highly inconsistent. Moreover, there can be fluctuations in your impression count.

Daily Engagement Rate

It is good to know the number of followers engaging with your brand every day. This method works for users who want to know the number of followers interacting with their content on a regular basis, instead of their reach on a particular post.

The formula is:

  • Daily Engagement rate = engagement per day / number of followers x 100
  • Average ER = engagement rate for a specific number of days / (number of days x follower count) x 100

You can also modify this formula according to your specific requirements. For instance, if you want to calculate your engagement rate by comments, then modify the formula accordingly. As much as effective it is, this formula may not work if your daily engagement rates fluctuate often.

Engagement Rate by Views Count

Some brands (for example, food, cooking, travel, and skincare) rely on video content to drive engagement. In order to calculate the engagement rate, it’s important for these brands to take the total view into consideration.

The formula is:

  • Engagement Rate = Engagement on the particular vide post / number of video views x 100
  • Average Rate = Total views / number of posts

Even though this method works for users who want to calculate the engagement rate on their video posts, it may not prove a suitable option. This is because your view account also includes the multiple views of a single user. If one user watches your video multiple times, then this number will be added to the view count. Just because the user has viewed your video more than once does not mean they have engaged with your brand multiple times.

These were the popular ways to determine the engagement of users with a social media influencer. Brands can also figure out the expected return on investment or cost per engagement following the below-listed formula:

  • Cost Per Engagement = Total money spent / engagement rate

Some social media engagement rate calculation tools will calculate the current engagement rates of an Instagrammer. This can help you identify a fair price you deserve for sponsoring a brand on your Instagram account.