How to Download Image From URL [Updated 2020]

Download Image from URL: This is a complete guide on how to download image from URL in 2020.

In fact, these are the same strategies you can use to download all images and pictures from any website via URL and save it into zip file.

Download Image from URL

Downloading an image from social media sites is often a challenging job, especially considering that there is no specific option available to download Instagram images and the same for Facebook.

Sometimes, we find unique and intriguing images on social media sites that we’d love to save on our mobile and see it offline.

There are times when we come across posts that are highly inspiring and motivational photos.

But, with no download option available, it is nearly impossible for users to save these photos on their smartphones.

Whether it is Instagram or Twitter, the only way to save an image is to take its screenshot.

What if you want to retain the quality of the picture and download it as it is on your phone without capturing its screenshot?

Most importantly, is downloading photos from social media sites on your device legally acceptable?

Let’s find out.

Online Image Downloader

The Online Image Downloader by iStaunch is designed to simplify the image download process from URL. With our tool, you will longer need to use third-party image downloading apps.

image downloader

The process of downloading images from URL is super simple. All you got to do is access the Image Downloader tool by iStaunch and paste the link of the image you would like to save on your mobile or PC.

You can copy the image’s URL from social media. For instance, downloading an image from Instagram is as simple as clicking the three-dots button on the upper right corner of the picture and copying its URL. The copied URL can be pasted in our Image Downloader box.

Once you have pasted the link, hit the ‘Download Image’ button right below the link. That’s it! the image will take only a few seconds to download on your device.

Image Downloader Features

The download image from URL is an important feature of our tool. You can save a picture for your personal use i.e. for viewing them offline or considering them a source of inspiration isn’t restricted.

It is important to note that our tool doesn’t support multiple images. You can only save one image or a video at a time.

Sometimes users end up reposting these photos and claiming to own them. This not only violates the copyright of the content but affects the original content creator’s engagement and revenue.

Note: We do not support the illegal use of the copied images or videos from social media. The Image Downloader tool by iStaunch is only a way for the audience to download their favorite posts on their mobile and view the pictures whenever they want.

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