How to Know if Someone Read My WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is a leading messaging service app owned by Facebook, Inc allows users to send voice messages, text messages, share images, locations, documents, make video and audio calls to friends and family.

You have an option to see the message info for any message you send to anyone which displays the details about your message whether it is delivered or pending, read or unread.

All you need to do is to tap and hold on to the sent message by opening the chat in a group or an individual chat to view the message info.


For a single account, WhatsApp doesn’t allow access from multiple devices. As soon as you log on to the account through some other device the previous device on which your account was open will automatically get signed out.

There is just one loop through which you or someone else can browse your WhatsApp account i.e through a laptop/desktop by using WhatsApp Web.

Your chat messages can be accessed by you or someone else at the same time on your device as well on your laptop/desktop using WhatsApp Web by verifying the details of your WhatsApp account.

Though WhatsApp doesn’t allow using the same number on two different devices at the same time Web version allows the users to create a replica of any WhatsApp account on any device with the help of a fixed web browser.

This can lead to your WhatsApp account being hacked or being spied upon by someone.

Through this article, we would like to share some info on how you can be aware if someone is accessing your WhatsApp account through some other PC or phone.

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Know if Someone Has Access to Your WhatsApp Account

We have found several ways to trace who is spying your account and would like to explain you how to keep your account safe from being hacked.

Just a few seconds of your unlocked phone is enough for them to access your WhatsApp account and your WhatsApp Web Barcode. Through this, someone can easily create a replica of your WhatsApp account and can view your messages and images.

This won’t affect your WhatsApp account in any way on your mobile phone and you will still be able to use that normally.

However, the other person will get a permit to see all the sent and received media and chat through the spying device.

He/She can download your media files, view status, chat logs and can also send chat/image messages to anyone on your contact list.

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How you can be aware that you are being spied upon? Well, you will get the first evidence in the form of a notification. If you can’t see any notification then don’t worry, you can follow the below steps to check whether someone is monitoring Whatsapp account or not.

Step 1: You first need to open the WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone device.

Step 2: Then at the top right corner you will find 3 vertical dots that you need to click upon.

Step 3: Choose the WhatsApp Web option there which will let you know if any other device has access to your WhatsApp account.

Step 4: There if you find an open session with one or several computers to whom you haven’t given access then you know you are being spied upon.

Step 5: The simple way to safeguard your WhatsApp account from being hacked, you need to log-out of all the running sessions.

Step 6: Once you log-out the other person will immediately lose access to your WhatsApp account.

You may also configure your WhatsApp account with App Lock which is another effective solution to avoid this hacking process to take place again. By doing this your account cannot be accessed by anyone even if they take your handset and it can’t be connected to any other device through WhatsApp Web also.

There is another way to spy someone’s WhatsApp account which is using another device to activate the account. In this process, someone can register through your WhatsApp number on any other device and may recover all your chats and messages while configuration.

It simply requires taking your mobile phone and copying the verification code which is sent to the registered mobile number.

In case such a thing happens, then a message will pop up on your phone saying “This phone could not be verified”. Because the number is already registered on some other device, therefore, you see this message. To regain the account access; you can re-verify your registered mobile number.

To stop your WhatsApp from getting activated on another phone you can follow this path to enable two-step verification.

Open WhatsApp > Menu Option (Top Right) > Settings > Account > Enable 2 Step Verification.

Once you enable 2-Step verification, you will be asked to enter a security code that only you know.

Now when some else tries to register with your account on some other device they will be asked for the security code which is confidential to you and without this, it won’t be possible for them to get access to your account.

You may keep your WhatsApp files safe in File Manager by updating your WhatsApp account regularly. Although WhatsApp is end-to-end encrypted still through updating the app you get security patches with backup encryption. Also you must have an App lock for File Manager. A person can go to any limit to enter your personal life thus, you must use these security measures to safeguard your privacy.

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