How to Get on “For You” Page of TikTok

TikTok For You Page 2020: This is a complete guide on how to get on For You page TikTok.

Getting popular on TikTok is as simple as appearing on the For You Page or FYP.

But, it isn’t that easy!

As the platform intends to offer a personalized experience, the videos they display to each user can vary according to the user’s personal taste.

It is possible for brands to appear on Facebook’s News Feed by posting informative content. But, you need to know about your target audience and their preference in order to find your way into their ‘For You’ page.

If you are a regular TikTok user, you must have seen the ‘For You’ and ‘FYP’ hashtags in the video descriptions. Most popular content creators use this hashtag.

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If you check out this hashtag page, you will find billions of videos being featured here. So, what is For You page about? And, why TikToker are ready to do anything it takes to get their videos featured in this hashtag? How to get on TikTok For You Page?

Let’s find out.

What is TikTok For You Page?

Like the Instagram Explore page, TikTok has a For You page. Every time you open your TikTok, the first page that appears on your screen is the For You page. It features all the popular, recommended, and user-relevant videos.

There is no specific algorithm as to which videos make it to the For You page. But, the research suggests that this page tends to display the videos that are relevant to the particular user.

tiktok for you page

To give a personalized experience to the users, TikTok keeps on changing the For You page according to your following, liked videos, most-watched videos, and more.

TikTok has become super popular in a very short period. Ever since this video-sharing social app launched in the app market. Today, TikTok has millions of accounts and thousands of content creators that are ready to go the extra mile to make their videos as fun and brilliant as possible.

Their primary goal is to satisfy their target audience and make them come back for more such videos over and over. The reason behind this sudden success of TikTok is the marketing efforts put by its Chinese parent company.

How to Get on “For You” Page of TikTok

Basically, it is like ‘if the user has liked this content, they might love the other content created around the same niche’. You must have noticed how Instagram Explore feed changes according to your actions.

If you have recently been following the memers, your feed will be filled with the best memes. Likewise, TikTok presents the videos on its ‘For You’ feed according to the user’s recent actions. If you like funny videos, your ‘For You’ feed on TikTok will display more fun videos.

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Getting Featured in For You Page

While it is possible for even unpopular TikTokers to appear on user’s For You feed, there is only a slim chance for such users to get their video famous.

Like other social media sites, TikTok determines the authenticity and quality of the video to rank it on the For You page. There is no way you can hack the algorithm. But, many experts believe that using the relevant hashtags can help their video get viral on the platform.

For example, #foryou, #foryoupage, #fyp are some of the popular hashtags the content creators use to get their videos featured on the first page of TikTok.

But, if getting popular on TikTok was that easy, everyone would use this tactic to get famous overnight. Here, we are walking you through some effective ways that will boost the chances of your video making it to the For You page.

Let’s have a look:

Make Videos on Trending Sounds

TikTok is all about trends. Every day, there is a new trend that everyone makes a video on. It can be a trending sound, action, dialogue, dance steps, and other entertaining activities that look super cool and fun.

tiktok for you page

It is not hard to find trending sounds. Check out the For You page and see what videos the popular content creators are uploading. That’s it! You are using the same sound to create your next video.

Use Your Original Sound

Following the latest trend is a good idea. But, it doesn’t always work! You need to be unique to be featured on the For You page. The best way to post high-quality and unique content on TikTok is by creating videos on your original sounds. It mainly works for people with good communication skills, pranksters, motivators, users who know tips and tricks, and more.

tiktok for you page

The goal is to make your video as creative as possible. The more share and likes your content receives, the higher the chances your video will appear in the For You feed of your target audience.

Try Trending and Relevant Hashtags

Using relevant and popular hashtags is the simplest strategy to get maximum exposure on social media sites. TikTok isn’t an exception. To describe your video, you can use some trending hashtags that are largely searched on the platform.

tiktok for you page

But, don’t rely on popular hashtags only. Try to add relevant tags. Experts suggest that 2-3 hashtags are enough on TikTok. Unlike other social networking sites, users cannot place multiple hashtags to get featured on the first page of the platform. You should rather try to stick to the trending or relevant tags that match your content theme.

Tip: Never go overboard with hashtags. You cannot get your video on the trending page by overcrowding your videos with multiple hashtags.

Provide Quality Content

TikTok isn’t limited to lip-syncing and acting. If you think actors are more likely to get successful on TikTok, you couldn’t be more wrong. Haven’t you seen the videos of dancers, singers, cooks, travel experts, doctors, pranksters, and even pilots getting viral? Just because it seems trending doesn’t mean the acting videos can make you a popular star.

You should find the niche that you are most interested in. Discover your talent and make all your videos around your most amazing skill. Quality doesn’t only mean entertaining content. In fact, your video quality is determined by consistency.

tiktok for you page

How often you post videos? Do you manage to follow the same theme for all your TikTok content? How good you are at the theme you have selected? For instance, if you are a Yoga expert, you should make TikTok videos featuring your Yoga poses and some easy tips to practice yoga.

Interact With Your Audience

Many people unfollow their favorite TikTokers account as they believe the user they are following isn’t good at interaction. Try to reply to each comment (or as many comments as possible). Be nice to your followers and come up with interesting videos for them regularly. You could also make videos as per your audience’s demand to make them feel special.

This will grow your follower base and keep up your audience’s engagement with your brand.

Final Words

While you can’t crack the ranking algorithm of TikTok, you can still get your videos featured on the For You page by following the above-listed tips. So, what are you waiting for? These were some quick and simple ways to make high-quality and engaging TikTok videos. Build your follower base by providing the users with entertaining content.

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