How to Change IMEI Number of Any Android Device

Hi, friends welcome back hope you all are excited about learning some new interesting tricks about technology. Today in this article I will let you know about How to change IMEI and device ID of any Android device.

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First of all, I will let you all know about What is IMEI and Device ID of any android device to provide you a better understanding of today’s trick.

What is IMEI Number?

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique number that is given to every handset for identifying the handset on a mobile network. You can take it as your mobile’s social security number. It consists of 15 digits unique number, given to every GSM smartphone. Also, keep in mind that CDMA devices have a MEID number.

change imei number

The IMEI number very useful when your mobile misplaced, lost or stolen. Don’t compare it with a magician, it doesn’t perform any magic trick to bring back your device, but it can make sure that nobody can use it after it gets stolen or lost.

Basically your network service provider can blacklist a device based on IMEI number and can inform other service providers to do the same. This means the mobile is of no use anymore as it cannot able to dial or receive any phone call or can’t be used for accessing the internet using network providers, even with a new SIM card installed in the device.

What are some facts about the IMEI number that every mobile phone user must aware of?

What is the device ID?

The Device ID is known as device identification is a unique number integrated with every handset device. Also, keep in mind that Device IDs are different from hardware serial numbers and IMEI number.

All Apple devices have a unique Device ID number is known as a Unique Device ID. This device ID is a 40-digit series of letters and numbers. You can find this number in iTunes or by downloading a third-party app from the Apple App Store.

If you are Android users then you will access it by downloading a free app from Google Play. These numbers should remain the same for the life duration of the mobile phone until a factory reset your device.

Now Let’s start with our trick I have mentioned some steps you just have to follow them:

As we are heading forward, the First step is to make sure that your handset is already rooted and the Xposed framework is downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. If all these are already present or installed on your mobile phone then you can go ahead with other steps involved in this trick.

The method which I will be going to mention can work for all android devices and all android versions even on the latest of all android pie version, Let’s move forward guys.

First I just want to say that you must keep your original IMEI number with you for future reference, so that if you anytime need the original one you have it with you and you can just copy-paste it whenever required.

How to Change IMEI Number

  • First, find the IMEI number of your device.
  • Simply dial *#06# on your keypad know that.
  • Install the Xposed framework to change IMEI number.
  • Go to modules and check the IMEI Changer.
  • Now restart your device or you can also go with a soft reboot.
  • After completion of the restart of your mobile phone, open IMEI Changer.
  • It will show your original number you can change it from here as it open in edit mode in the current IMEI option.
  • Next, provide a new IMEI number replacing the previous one and then click on apply.
  • If you want to reconfirm that it gets changed or not then you just reboot your device and dial *#06# on your keypad it will show you the number.

How to Change IMEI Number Without Root

This method is a bit of a complex one in comparison to the previous one, It will annoy you if you have no idea about it.  In this method, you do not need to root your device as rooting your device also has many disadvantages so there this method is helpful.

Now I will explain the steps for How to do it but just keep in mind it will delete or erase everything from your mobile so firstly you take the backup of all data:

  • For this open settings tab on your Android mobile.
  • You see the Backup & Reset option just click on it.
  • On the next tab, you see Factory Data Reset just click on it.
  • You will now get a pop-up notification. Click on create new IMEI number for your device.

Android IMEI Change through different Apps

If you don’t want to root your device as well as losing any type of data then this method is best for you. You can use Android IMEI changer apps. We have listed the best Android apps based on their availability and complexity.

“XPOSED IMEI Changer Pro” allows smartphone users to change or alter the series of the numbers present in their device “IMEI identification”. A random id will be generated every time whenever you use this app. This will also allow you to have the number of your choice if you want a specific series. This app is very simple to use and handle, you just need to apply changes and restart your mobile phone. It is also a simple-looking app so easy to use.

Many other applications provide the same features but the best one I have to recommend to you as it is simple and safe for use.


I hope today’s article will help you in changing the IMEI number of your device with so much ease. In last I just want to say Stay home Stay safe guys!

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