78 Funny Memes to Make You Laugh – Trending Meme of the Day

Trending Funny Memes 2020: Memes have become a crucial element for social media users. If you have Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social accounts, chances are you have already read the memes that get viral in no time.

Yes, you read it right! Memes are known for their ability to get viral overnight. People love it and share these memes with their social media friends. This is how the memes get viral.

Funny Memes

Not only India but memes have taken the world by storm. If it is a boring day or weekend, people grab their smartphones and read the viral memes on Indian celebrities or some exciting news to unwind.

Gone are the days when people would spend time with their families or organize picnics.

Well, they still organize some fun activities with their loved ones. But, memes are considered the easiest way to relax and free your body and mind from stress.

No matter how stressed and anxious you are, have a look at a few memes published on social media sites and that’s it!

All your stress, tension, and anxiousness will be gone in seconds.

In this post, we’ll share some interesting memes that have been doing the rounds currently.

Sound’s good? Let’s get started.

Trending Memes of The Day – 27 March 2020

trending meme of the day

Coronavirus Memes

People were never so health-conscious ever until the sudden outbreak of the deadly coronavirus. Also known as COVID-19, this flu has spread from china to almost half of the world.

The symptoms of the virus are somewhat similar to the normal flu. The reason why there is such hype around the novel COVID-19 is its transmissible nature.

The virus is extremely contagious and is spreading at a fast pace in Italy, China, Iran, South Korea, and many other countries.

Today, many countries have declared lockdowns to protect people and keep the virus from spreading. In fact, cricket, football, and other sports tournaments are postponed for a while.

The government has requested people to avoid social gatherings and stay at home until the situation gets better. The public transports, offices, firms, and even industries are closed.

There have been over 13,000 deaths reported in the world due to coronavirus. The sad fact is that the figure keeps increasing every day.

While everyone is taken aback with the virus news, the COVID-19 has become another interesting content for memes out there. They have started creating corona memes.

Well, that’s a great way to entertain people with some interesting content, especially in this stressful time when we all need some positivity and fun in our lives.


coronavirus memes
Toilet Paper Price $3999 – Free One Carat Diamond Ring With Purchase


coronavirus memes
Coronavirus Exists


coronavirus memes
Me after hearing someone cough on my $8 round trip flight to italy


coronavirus memes
Funny coronavirus memes


coronavirus memes
Me: Can’t come to work. Boss: Why? Me: Caught the coronavirus

Neha Dhupia Memes

It isn’t difficult for celebrities to get viral on the internet. Neha Dhupia is one such Indian actress, who got trolled for her bold comments on cheating in a relationship.

For those who don’t know, Neha is one of the coaches in MTV’s reality show Roadies Revolution. Recently, she got trolled on the internet for passing some unexpected comments on a roadie’s contestant.

Neha was seen shouting at a contestant, who apparently told that her girlfriend was cheating on him with 5 men. Neha’s bold remarks got the video viral.

She told the guy that physical violence is in no way acceptable. She also added that adultery is a choice of a woman. If she cheats on you with five other men, then it is her choice. You don’t get to slap her.

Little did she know, the video would get viral to an extent that Neha would be trolled by media and social media users.

Well, the actress tried to defend herself by posting a long message on social media, clarifying that she stood against physical violence. She didn’t mean to hurt people’s sentiments by promoting cheating.


neha dhupia memes


neha dhupia memes
Aise kaise chalega didi?


neha dhupia memes


neha dhupia memes
Welcome ma’am 🙏🏼


neha dhupia memes

Sonu – The Zomato Guy Memes

Sonu, a simple Zomato delivery boy, got viral on social media in no time. His unique way of smiling made him a meme material.

Not only social media but people have started copying his smile on video-sharing platforms like TikTok. He has gotten so popular that even Zomato put his photo on their social media accounts.

When asked about the big and unique smile, they told the interrogator that he was super happy for earning 350 INR per day from Zomato. He also added that he gets free food if someone cancels the order.

He was satisfied with Zomato and said that he gets paid on time. If you did not know about Sonu, have a look at the memes below:


zomato guy meme
When you realise that next chapter is about reproduction.


zomato guy meme
Two guys whose smile makes us laugh


zomato guy meme
Bas zindagi mein is bande jitna khush hona hai


zomato guy meme


zomato guy meme
Me to exams: Pass kyu aa rahe ho

Love Aaj Kal Memes

We all were super excited to see the on-screen chemistry of Sara Ali Khan and Kartik Aryan. Everyone was excited to see the duo together in Imtiaz Ali’s romantic movie ‘Love Aaj Kal’, especially considering the fact that Sara admitted that she had a big crush on Kartik Aryan and would love to go out on a date with him.

Nobody had imagined that the Imitiaz’s most awaited film would become a meme material for the social media community.

Sara Ali Khan got trolled over her popular and overenthusiastic dialogue from the film “Tum Mujhe Tang Karne Lage Ho”.

Even though her memes brought a smile to social media enthusiasts, Sara did not appreciate the meme community for criticizing her work and trolling the actress over her profession.

But as we all know, memes have become quite common. Even normal people become a part of memes for no reason, let alone celebrities. Here are the memes that became a fun material for social media users.

Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi Memes

If you are a social media buff, you already know how the 3-year-old video got viral over the internet. The song Bulati Hai Magar Jaane Ka Nahi of Shriram Rasiya got on the trending TikTok hashtag videos recently.

People started making videos on this sound. Whether you have heard it or not, it is fun to watch the memes based on this old video. Here are some of the popular ones:

Gully Boy Memes

Released in 2019, the movie Gully boy became one of the famous and commercially successful films of the year.

Well, it wasn’t only the film that received appreciation, but the dialogues and the wonderful performance of Alia Bhatt has a major contribution to the success of the film.

Alia’s dialogues from the movie Gully Boy made her one of the most trolled celebrities on the internet.

Well, Alia had earlier been trolled for her crying scene in Raazi. A year later, she was starred in the Gully Boy alongside Ranvir Singh.

Now, fans can’t help but troll her for her dialogue “Mar Jayega Tu”. Even though the movie released in 2019, the trolls are still doing the rounds on social networking sites.

Work From Home Memes

The coronavirus news is all over the social media channels and TV. Considering its transmissible nature, many countries have postponed student’s exams.

Schools, universities, colleges, and other educational institutions have closed. The government has requested the private and government-based industries to close until the situation gets under control.

While some schools are closed, others have started online lectures. Students are supposed to get online every day to attend the lecture on their computers.

It is indeed the best way to fight COVID-19 without disturbing the education or work system. However, some employees and students do not approve of the idea of work from home.

The memers can’t miss any opportunity to entertain social media users. What could be a better example than the below-listed memes that depict the lives of the people working from home? Here are some of the popular ones.

KL Rahul Performance Memes

Not long ago, KL Rahul was trolled for appearing on Coffee with Karan with the most controversial cricketer Hardik Pandya.

Recently, his outstanding performance and unbelievable batting skills have made him a meme material for Indians. Not only the fans, but the entire team is surprised watching KL Rahul’s incredible cricket skills.

Indeed, he has proven a great asset to the Indian cricket team. As we all know, memers do not leave a single chance to troll people.

This time they have trolled KL Rahul for outperforming all the cricketers so far. Here is the troll that became a source of entertainment for cricket fans and social media users.

Siddhant Chaturvedi and Ananya Pandey Memes

Ever since the star kids have made an entry in the Bollywood, they are being criticized. People have started believing that the Indian entertainment industry is all about nepotism.

Well, Ananya Pandya is one such star kid, who tried to defend her father by claiming the struggles that he had faced in his life.

She said that Chunkey Pandya, her father, did not attend Coffee With Karan. He did not work with Dharma Production. Ananya was trying to claim the hardships his father had faced in his career.

However, the actress got a savage reply from Siddhant Chaturvedi. Well, ever since the video was created, it went viral and became a meme material for the memers. Here are some of the interesting memes based on the video.

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