12 Best Free Movie Streaming Sites During Quarantine 2020

Are you getting bored at home during quarantine? Do you want to watch movies online without spending a penny?

Here we have collected the sites from where you can watch movies online for free.

What else you need?


Except for a working device and a stable internet connection.


Free Online Movie Streaming Sites

Below you can find the 30 free online movie streaming sites that are safe and legal to use in India. Some of the sites also provide the mobile app for streaming media content on your smartphone or tablet.

Almost all listed websites ask you to create an account to watch movies and TV shows for free.


If you have a credit or debit card you can watch numerous movies completely free on Netflix. This is one of the popular online and smartphone streaming services.

free movie streaming sites

And Netflix is one of today’s most popular streaming sites with over 10,000 TV shows to be watched. Netflix attracts TV watchers from all over the world. You can access a large range of favorite shows.

From the 1930s to the 1960s, you’ll find a broad genre focused on horror, science-fiction, adventure, and silent movies. However, a large number of movies from the 1960s and 1970s, including western and family movies, can also be seen.


Hulu is a leading website focused on streaming, selling TV shows, movies and video cuts. Hulu offers you access to an overwhelming range of streaming TV shows without cable service.

free movie streaming sites

Hulu not only provided many famous movies for TV programs but also. Like Netflix, you can share your account with the entire family by building your own profiles so that everyone can watch personalized programs.

Discover a blend of low-budget movies with previews and reviews of leading movies. Most full-length movies are available on this website. It is a perfect place to discover old Hollywood movies.

Just Watch

JustWatch will help you discover lots of movies online. JustWatch has several other video sharing sites such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, iTunes.

free movie streaming sites

You have a various option that helps you to keep the irrelevant stuff out and see what is usually important to you. They even tell you when and where to watch movies on the big screen.

It acts as a community of free movies, but they do have a great series of classic content if you are interested in them. You don’t have to register or make an account to watch videos. You just click on the title to watch to start streaming.

Top Documentary movie

At present Top Documentary Movie more than 3,000 TDF documentaries, composed in 25 unique classes, can be accessed via catchphrases, sorted by scores, remarks, and titles and particularly for open discussion.

free movie streaming sites

The documentaries are grouped in collections, making it easy to discover movies about your favorite titles.

No registration is required or something needs to be downloaded to access the content. You can easily pick what you need to watch and click the button.

Share TV

You can also watch Share TV anime series since many anime shows and videos are popular. If full scenes are not available on the website, the user may discover a complete review of external sites hosting the series.

free movie streaming sites

One of the interesting features of this platform is that it has a well-organized guide for TV shows. You can watch various documentaries and videos on culture, drama, climate, world history, etc. The only downside may be that you can not see any new movies on this page.

According to their reports, you can watch over 2,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries, apps and a smart viewing app on the web.


A 100% certified spot for free online movies at no extra charge. Popcornflix is a platform that provides lots of stuff for free. Stream Popcornflix online with a wide selection of movies and TV shows. To discover more, you are allowed to browse through categories like action, horror, drama, comedy, etc.

free movie streaming sites

Just Like Netflix, under the name of the originals produces its original content. Compared to other websites mentioned here, it has fewer user-friendly interfaces.

It’s basically a web platform for education that was created in 2006. The platform is very enriching and seeks to create a culture of learning. It provides you with free streaming, reading materials, online courses, and free movies.


Crackle is the best website for free streaming videos. It is also one of the best free Netflix alternatives with plenty of content.

free movie streaming sites

The website partners Sony Pictures so that you can view hundreds of full-length HD movies. It will be convenient to start watching short random videos in various genres.

It is a flexible online video delivery network and gives you a real feeling like a Set. This also provides a wide movie and library with 75+ channels. You can download video free of charge or watch channels whenever you want. The channels are divided into different parts such as technology, sports, news, etc.


When you want anything off the beaten track, Vimeo is the best option for watching free movies online. Whilst you can view Vimeo videos free of charge, they do offer four different plans for video hosting, starting at $7 a month.

free movie streaming sites

Vimeo, like YouTube, is a popular website for video sharing. Many don’t know that Vimeo is a popular choice for the free streaming of online movies.

While on Vimeo you can’t watch the latest movies for free, it’s a popular platform for indie movies and users.


This is another common platform for content delivery. The best part of Vudu is that it has full-length 1080p movies which make it the perfect option for HD streaming. Vudu categorizes content in humor, suspense, action, family and children, etc.

free movie streaming sites

You need a user account to watch movies in Vudu, except for the content that doesn’t cost but that’s totally free to register. Vudu provides some of the best TV shows with a library of more than 20000 items.

The consistency of the streams is good and often drastically varies depending on Internet latency, so it’s not advisable to throw them onto the big screen when the Internet is unreliable. The website has a very clean and seamless GUI, which helps you to access content directly even without registration.


If you love indigenous content, Fox is the best option than Hotstar by 21st Century. The online portal has a large library of top Indian playwrights, soap operas, and TV shows, making it an excellent venue for top Indian programs.

free movie streaming sites

Since Hotstar has a variety of Hollywood movies, the content library is released in the USA and Canada to deter digital violations. You can contact us.hotstar.com on the Internet. If you live in India, you definitely will go to the Hotstar.

The platform is designed for all anime fans. A safe and quick way to get your favorite animation downloaded. It has the rights to successful Anime Series such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Titan, and so on. This is the one-stop destination for all anime fans and is highly recommended because it is safe and legal.


JioCinema is one of the best places for watching Bollywood movies, web series, television shows, and programs. Started initially as a mobile app, a website was launched after the success and response.

free movie streaming sites

The company provides movies, TV shows, and programs in 10 genres and 15 Indian languages. JioCinema also has a vast selection of comedies, animated and Hollywood movies. Jio Cinema is a decent choice if you want to watch Indian movies.


Voot is a multimedia channel serving India and belonging to Viacom 18. The network supports over 50 million users monthly on its website alone. It also has an app for Android, iOS and Fire TV.

free movie streaming sites

Voot operates via a publicity-driven video-on-demand service. Voot hosts content for Colors TV, MTV, Nick India, Cineplex and other TV channels from its own network. This also hosts a variety of Indian streaming movies, including regional movies.

The Voot also creates its own video originals, which can all be freely downloaded. The service is available only in India and you might need a VPN to access the service outside of India.


This post compiles some of the best sites to watch free movies online. If you encounter any problem accessing the suggested platform, you can comment below. We love seeing also valuable feedback and thoughts as comments.

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