How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing or Loading

Youtube is a giant video streaming web app and one of the prominent social media platforms that we use in recent times. Youtube started initially as a video streaming platform but with the widespread success that it gained with users that magnified in less than a year, Youtube was taken over by Google. This further multiplied the popularity of Youtube and led to the web app that we use today.

fix youtube comments not showing

Youtube is a web app that is run for the users by the users. Here the world of users that have accounts in it is authorized to post videos online that are up for viewing for all of the people irrespective of whether they are the users of the platform. Furthermore, to increase the overall interaction on the web app, Youtube has also decided to offer its users the option of liking, emoting, and commenting on the videos. This has increased the popularity of Youtube manifold and made it a significant social media app along with the best online video streaming app.

However, as we continue to find numerous issues with any apps or websites today, it is true that Youtube also has its share of glitches, which, though, are constantly reviewed and fixed as soon as they are pointed out. Some of such glitches that pop up are a result of the ignorance of the users whereas some are genuine issues arising out of faults or bugs from the manufacturers or developers’ end. One of such issues is when the Youtube comments do not show or load up. This is one of the most commonly reported issues on Youtube and this is what we are going to talk about in this article.

Why comments are essential on a platform such as Youtube!

Youtube was originally built with a dream of offering one such online video streamer where the users can browse through videos and post their own videos, according to their own free will. After conquering the internet as the world’s best video streaming app, Youtube had another thing in mind, which is to emerge as a social media. This is the reason why Youtube started to be interactive and give out features of likes and comments on their videos for their users to engage with each other on the app itself without hassles.

Comments on a YouTube video are extremely important for both the content creators as well as the viewers. With these features now it is easy for any of its users to quickly run through the comments section to find out how good or bad the video actually is even before they complete watching the video itself. Along with saving our precious time, this feature of Youtube also helps us pick up important information or key highlights of the videos.

Comments are the ultimate thing that the content creators of the world look up to. They can solely make content or a content creator’s journey or mar it. Therefore, it is very disappointing when these comments fail to load on the web app and this happens usually with Chrome as a browser.

Now, if you are one such user who is facing the same issue on your browser, then don’t worry because this is the right place that you are in on the internet that will help you get the easiest solutions to get rid of this terrible issue.

How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Showing or Loading

If you are not getting your comments to section upon a particular video or videos, then don’t worry because you can fix that without any hassles. Here are some smart methods that will help you get back to the comments section of Youtube.

1. Check whether Youtube supports comments

In case you are worried about the comments section not showing up on your Youtube account, you might not get into troubleshooting with your device or your browser right away. It is always better to check first if the video supports comments or not.

Yes, this is important because the availability of the comments section varies from video to video and depends on the videos themselves. Youtube aims to minimize hostility over the platform and in order to do so, it naturally prevents moderate hate speech, violence, etc. Therefore, in case the video you are seeing has got any of those, then Youtube might disable the comments section altogether. Furthermore, the video creators can also choose to disable the comments on their videos just because they want to do so. This might also restrict you from commenting on a particular video.

If you find this issue on a particular video, then the aforementioned restrictions might be there preventing you from seeing the comments section on your Youtube video. To confirm that, open the video in another browser.

Now, if the comments are not appearing on YouTube or they are not loading properly for all videos on other browsers, then there is definitely something wrong with Chrome or the browser that you are using. In these cases, you need to try closing the video tab or opening the video in a new tab of your browser. You can also try to close the browser that you were initially using and then reopen the browser.

2. Try deleting the data of the browser

The browser you use daily also picks up waste every single time that you search on it along with helping you get the results that you seek! The accumulation of browsing data (cached images & files, cookies, browsing history, etc.) on the computer storage often slows a browser or a computer down and results in abnormalities like the comments section not showing up on Youtube. To prevent this you need to be a bit active and delete the browser cache, cookies, and the browser data of the browser that you are using!

If you are wondering how to do that, then here are some simple steps that will help you in it:

Step 1: You need to begin the process by tapping or clicking the menu icon, which appears like three dots at the top-right corner of the browser, which seems almost next to the address bar, and then clicking on the Settings option.

You can also type chrome://settings into the address bar, and then hit Enter/Return on your keyboard alternatively to the step mentioned above.

Step 2: Now you need to scroll to the ‘Privacy and security section, and then select ‘Clear browsing data.’

Step 3: Next, you need to click on the Time range drop-down button, and then you need to decide if you want to clear the browser’s data for the last 24 hours, or for the last 7 days, 4 weeks, or All Time.

It is recommended to clear the data that the browser accumulated in the past 24 hours for the process to run. If you still can’t get the YouTube comments on your screen, then you can try repeating the step #1 to #3, and then select any other time ranges.

Step 4: Now, you need to check all the browsing data options, and then tap on the button that says Clear data.

You can now reload the particular YouTube video or videos that you were not getting the comments section on, and check if the comments are now loading up or not.

3. Reset the browser

As we have already gone ahead and deleted all the cache, cookies, and data of the browsers, but it still didn’t fix the issue, we can try another method, which is to reset the browser to its default settings. This is quite an effective troubleshooting solution, which rids us from several glitches and issues regarding the browser and how it performs on some websites. Therefore, if you cannot access YouTube comments even after you have cleared the browser cache and data and want to try this method, then you can follow the steps below to effectively reset the settings of Google Chrome.

NOTE: If you are wondering what effect it will leave on your browser, then you must know that this step will clear your browser’s temporary data and disable all its extensions. However, if you are thinking about any other data, including saved passwords, bookmarks, history, etc., then they will not be deleted.

  • You need to start this procedure by scrolling to the bottom of the settings menu and then clicking or tapping on the Advanced drop-down button.
  • Next, you need to click on ‘Restore settings to their original defaults.’
  • You need to click on the Reset settings option when it will prompt you to proceed.

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