How to Fix “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” on PancakeSwap

PancakeSwap boasts of having the most users in a decentralized platform and it believes in proudly increasing its database and adding users to it every day. These users are always entrusting the platform with their hard-earned funds. PancakeSwap records having over $10 billion in funds.

However, just like any other platform PancakeSwap also stumbles upon an error or two from time to time. “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” is a prominent error message that the users of PancakeSwap often complain about.

fix insufficient liquidity for this trade on pancakeswap

How to Fix “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” on PancakeSwap

Now, after knowing about the issue, I’m sure that you are of the opinion that it is not much of a deal to get rid of the error message. You can simply rest assured because here’s a guide that you can follow to help yourself without any worries.

Method 1 – Use the Old Version of PancakeSwap

If you are eagerly waiting to solve the error message quickly and without much worry, then it’s better to switch to the old exchange and leave using the newer version altogether. Using the V1 (old) exchange instead of V2 will surely bring you the quickest and easiest solution because it is the newer version that is currently creating the problems, switching over to the older version will iron them out!

Alternatively, you can try and do one thing, which is to increase your slippage tolerance to 12% or higher.

In the case of most of the users, the error message “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade” occurs on PancakeSwap because the token that they are trying to swap does not support the V2 exchange. Therefore, if you try to swap the tokens that have updated their liquidity pool, then you will not be getting the error message on your screen.

As PancakeSwap has already migrated from V1 to V2, you might be seeing the mentioned error message, simply because V1 does not support swapping new tokens.

How to switch to the older version of PancakeSwap?

You can switch to the older version of PancakeSwap quite effortlessly. Follow the steps that follow, which will help you do so without any worries:

  • First, you need to open PancakeSwap and then, connect your wallet if you haven’t done it already.
  • Now, you will be needing to scroll down towards the bottom of the exchange. After right down the exchange, you’ll see a couple of versions including “V2” and “V1 (old)”.
  • Here, you need to know that “V2” is the latest version of PancakeSwap, while “V1” is the older one.
  • Now, you have to tap on “V1 (old)” to switch the version of PancakeSwap to the older one.
  • After you’ve tapped on “V1” old, you will be getting a pop-up message, which will open in front of you on your screen.
  • This pop-up message will further state that the PancakeSwap V1 is no longer supported.
  • It will also recommend you to go to the V2 Exchange instead for better prices.
  • Now, you need to visit towards the bottom of the pop-up message. Here, you’ll get a checkbox.
  • If you now want to proceed to use PancakeSwap V1, you need to understand that V1 is no longer supported, and you might also experience a certain degree of slippage.
  • The above information will be presented to you automatically from the app’s end, which you need to agree with before proceeding further. YOu just need to tap on the checkbox to agree with the term.
  • Lastly, you have to tap on the option that says “Continue to V1 Anyway”.
  • After you have tapped already on “Continue to V1 Anyway”, you will see PancakeSwap V1 opening up on your screen.
  • After doing so, you would easily be able to swap your tokens without getting the error message “Insufficient Liquidity For This Trade”.

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