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Fancy Text Generator: Are you looking for ready-made and accurate text converting solutions that can convert simple words into fancy letters?

Well, you have come to the right place! The Fancy text generator by iStaunch can do the job for you.

What is Fancy Text Generator?

Fancy Text Generator by iStaunch is a free web-based cool font generator tool that creates fancy text, cursive letters and cool symbols.

fancy text generator

Basically, it converts your regular and normal text into cool font styles, web script fonts, old English fonts, tattoo fonts, cursive fonts and calligraphy font with the help of Unicode standards.

It also allows you to insert cool emoji, Memoji, heart symbol, copy and paste symbols and different text symbols.

So if you are bored of using the existing old school style in your daily life then it is a must-use tool to make things more exciting.

How Fancy Text Derived From Unicode

First things first, how are these texts converted into fancy words? Of course, you are wondering how exactly the font could be changed.

To understand this tool better, you need to know the difference between fancy text and symbols.

Instead of converting the whole text, we take certain fancy symbols for particular letters from the Unicode standard.

The Unicode standard has a large number of symbols that either match or look somewhat similar to the normal letters we use. All symbols that are printed on books, used on dictionaries and even fonts are a part of the Unicode Standard.

In simple terms, almost every letter you come across in your daily life is derived from none other than the Unicode standard. Here you can see the list of Unicode Characters.

Fortunately, Unicode has millions of exclusive symbols that represent different alphabets. It is all about searching for these symbols that look similar to the alphabet but are fancier and stylish than the original alphabet.

Reason to Use Fancy Text Generator?

Digital typography is no longer a challenge with our advanced fancy text generator tool. Improve your typography skills by picking the best font style from our exclusive library.

Surprise your friend or loved ones with spectacular birthday wishes written using stylish fonts or send best wishes to your relatives using our tool.

It can be used for multiple purposes. From formal messages to converting casual social media posts, our tool can get the job done for you.

Once you get the fancy texts, you can copy and paste them on your Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Email, SMS, and other social networking sites.

Believe it or not, this tool makes your text even more attractive than an interesting font. The reason is pretty simple: it doesn’t focus on changing the whole line or using some rare fonts.

As mentioned before, the tool searches for similar symbols that are equivalent to the typed alphabets or somewhat match the input in Unicode Standard symbols.

It gathers all the symbols that are typed in the input box and come up with a fancy text. In addition to fancy letters, users can get messy letters, emoticons, nicknames, and whatnot.

How to Use Fancy Text Generator

We have already mentioned that the fancy text generator tool is designed to help users convert their simple text into funky texts.

The major objective of this tool is to make the job as easy for you as possible. We do the hard work for you and you get to use the text in one click.

Yes, that’s true!

Searching the accurate symbols from the Unicode standard and picking the most reliable ones that match your input is our job.

All you need to do is submit the text you would like to convert and it will automatically generate the different types of style for you.

That’s it! Once we’re done, you can copy them and paste them anywhere you want, including websites and social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

You can also tap on the load more option to get more styles.

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