Fake Tweet Generator – Make Fake Tweets for Free

Fake Tweet Generator: Have you ever wondered how memers share fake tweets of celebrities? Well, creating a fake account on Twitter is no longer a challenging task with the Fake Tweet Generator tool.

fake tweet generator

Upload your profile photos, choose a username, edit date, and type the message you would like to tweet. Develop a fake Tweet and surprise your friends.

The best way to use the tool is by imitating a celebrity. As the Fake Tweet Generator allows an option for a fake verified blue tick, you can type the celebrity’s username and put their profile picture.

Generate the image of you both chatting and display it on your social media sites. There couldn’t be a better way to fool your friends than by using our Fake Tweet Generator tool.

Fake Tweet Generator

The Fake Tweet Generator by iStaunch is a free online tool that allows you to create a fake tweet with a verified checkmark, like button, and retweet count.

Features of Fake Tweet Generator

  • The tool up-to-date with Twitter’s upgraded versions. It looks similar to the authentic Tweets.
  • Option to display a verified tick mark right next to your username. This feature makes your account look like a verified account.
  • You could even use a celebrity username and generate a verified mark.
  • Allows users to edit the Retweet and Reply count.
  • It can produce pictures of users suspended or blocked.
  • It has options for the tweet, quotes, images, and replies.
  • Allows users to come up with their fake Twitter profiles.

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