Facebook Marketing In the UK: How To Get More Audience Organically

Facebook is ranked among the largest and most popular social media platforms in the world. Today, the number of  Facebook users around the world has crossed the 2 Billion mark. Owing to the high number of monthly users, Facebook has attracted slightly over  3 million brands.

Coupled with the high number of users and great advertising features, the importance of Facebook marketing can not be underscored. Many brands are now using Facebook to not only generate leads but also target the right prospects.

Just like in other parts of the world, many brands in the UK  now leverage Facebook’s marketing features to promote their brands. It is reported that close to  66% of the people in the UK are now active on Facebook. This translates to 44.84 million users in total. As such, targeting this population for marketing purposes goes a long way in unlocking more opportunities for your brand.

While Facebook provides many growth opportunities for businesses, you may not achieve much with your Facebook profile if you don’t invest in growth. The more Facebook followers and likes you have, the more visible and credible you appear in front of prospects.

In this article, we share helpful tips on how you can increase the scope of your audience for your business page and unlock more opportunities for your brand.

1. Cross-Promote Your Facebook Page

If you are stuck on how to get started with Facebook growth, the easiest step is cross-promoting your business page on other social media platforms. This not only plays a crucial role in widening the scope of an audience but also saves on the cost of advertising.

The more people you can reach the higher the potential of widening the scope of the audience. For example, you can promote your Facebook page on Twitter, Instagram, and other social media platforms. That way, you will be able to acquire more followers and get noticed by people outside your Facebook network.

Reaching out to people outside Facebook is a perfect strategy that you can roll out to grow your brand. Remember the more Facebook followers you have the greater the potential of getting noticed. In return, people will be able to see your marketing messages and refer their friends.

2. Target The Right Audience

You can leverage Facebook targeting features to reach out to the right audience. Once you target the right audience, you increase the potential of getting maximum views for your content. When you access the right audience, they are likely to share your content with their network and increase the potential of going viral.

Generally, effective marketing requires that you target the right audience. That way, your ads will be shown to the right audience and improve conversions. Therefore if you are wondering how to generate more sales from Facebook marketing, targeting is a perfect option.

3. Share Valuable Content

Another aspect often underscored by marketers is the type of content you share with the target audience. It is important to note that sharing content that resonates with the target audience goes a long way in attracting more Facebook followers.

When you share valuable content with your audience, they are likely to check out your content and eventually become followers or buy your products. However,it is important to ascertain what your audience likes to understand what type of content best suits them.

4. Post at The Right Time

Another important factor that you need to consider when posting is timing. When you post at the right time, more people are likely to engage with your audience and increase the potential of content going viral.

If you are unsure of how to identify the best time to post, you can leverage social media monitoring tools to collect important insights regarding your target audience. When you share relevant content with the target audience, they are likely to share with their network and increase the potential of getting conversions.

5. Focus on Video Content

Videos do not just stand out at the first sight but are also easy to remember. Studies indicate that videos have the potential to generate over 1200% shares compared to texts and images. This is because videos evoke emotions that spark more sharing.

The better the video content you share with your target audience the higher the chances of generating views and comments. In the long run, you improve the potential of building a strong brand portfolio.

When you have a strong brand portfolio, people will trust your products and refer their friends. The end result is to have an engaged audience that guarantees a high return on ad spend (ROAS).

6. Engage With The Audience

High engagement on your Facebook page not only helps you stand out among other brands but also proves that you are a credible brand. When people interact with your content, it signals that you can be trusted. This goes a long way in growing your audience and doubling your growth potential.

If you are stuck on how to grow your audience organically, engaging with the audience is a perfect idea. For example, you can like and comment on content shared by other brands. The trick works magic since followers on those platforms are likely to check out your products and follow your Facebook page.

Typically, engagement builds a positive feedback loop that makes it easy for people to trust your brand.This not only makes the audience feel valued but also makes them feel part of your brand. When you tailor the activities of your brand based on customer needs, it becomes easy for people to notice your brand and share their experiences with other people. As a result, you are likely to attract new followers and grow your brand portfolio.

7. Partner With Influencers

Influencers command a powerful social media following that you can leverage to reach out to more people outside your network. However, it is important to note that you should partner with niche-specific influencers since not every influencer adds value to your brand.

Aside from strengthening your brand portfolio, partnering with influencers is a powerful trick you can use to expand the scope of the audience. The more people you can reach the higher the visibility of your brand on the internet space.

If you are struggling to grow your Facebook page, it is high time you consider partnering with influencers. That way, you will create a buzz for your content and unlock more opportunities for your brand.

8. Use Hashtags

Hashtags is a great content strategy that you can use to reach out to the right audience. Hashtags are crucial since they make it easy for people to find your brand. Besides driving traffic to your content, using the right hashtags plays a significant role in increasing shares, views, and likes for your Facebook content.

Just like other social media platforms, you can post using hashtags on Facebook and help people in your industry find you. In addition to improving organic reach for your Facebook posts, hashtags can help in reaching out to millions of people without having to break the bank.

Generally, hashtags help in improving the visibility of your Facebook posts and boost engagement. This means more people will easily discover your posts and engage with your content. With a highly engaged audience, you stand a chance to grow your network and build a strong brand portfolio.


If you are yet to get started with Facebook, you should factor in how to grow your audience. While buying UK-targeted Facebook followers is a perfect idea, growing your Facebook profile organically goes a long way in building a strong brand portfolio in the digital space.

Remember organic followers are not only likely to engage with your content but also buy your products. Therefore, we encourage you to try out the tricks outlined in this article to unlock more opportunities for your brand.

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