How to Enable Fingerprint Lock in Jio Phone

Released by Reliance, it didn’t take long for Jio to become the user’s favorite smartphone. Ever since Jio launched, it gave tough competition to all the smartphone companies out there.

Even though Jio looks more or less similar to regular smartphones, it has a set of unique and interesting features that set the brand apart from its rivals.

The great 4G network of Jio makes it the most popular brand out on the mobile market. But, that’s not the only exciting feature about Jio Phones. The device has everything a user looks for in a quality smartphone.

Enable Fingerprint Lock in Jio Phone

Gone are the days when we would lock our device with a PIN number or a password. Sure, these security options are still available. But, it gets quite inconvenient for the user to type the lengthy password every time they want to open the device. A strong password is important on smartphones. The last thing you want is someone to unlock your phone and steal your private information. You must have your personal photos, contact numbers, Whatsapp or social media conversations, and even bank account details on your device.

enable fingerprint lock in jio phone

Sometimes, people catch you when you are drawing a password pattern on your device. They copy the same pattern and unlock your phone. Similarly, it is easier for people to look at the password while you are typing it to unlock your phone. However, image and fingerprint locks are the safest forms of screen locks so far. No one can copy your fingerprint or image.

How to Activate Fingerprint Sensor on Jio Phone?

  • Turn on your mobile’s internet or connect to Wi-Fi.
  • Head to your mobile browser and open Google
  • Look for the secure and trusted fingerprint lock app for your Jio mobile
  • Download any of the listed software to activate the fingerprint sensor
  • Once it is installed on your phone, activate the software, and adjust the settings to transform your device’s camera into the fingerprint sensor.

That being said, it is important for users to lock their device with either a fingerprint sensor or an image lock to ensure no one is able to unlock the device. The sad news is Jio does not come with a pre-installed fingerprint sensor. You may need to transform the camera of the device into a fingerprint sensor. Let’s have a look at the steps to do that.

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