How to Download Movies from Jio Cinema App

Hi guys, welcome back. Today I am here with you sharing some knowledge related to entertainment. In this lockdown period sitting at home, all we need is some sort of entertainment to enjoy our quarantine time.

Nowadays Digital platform is becoming the main source of entertainment as it provides thousands of movies, TV shows, reality shows and many more daily. There are several digital platforms popular in today times such as Jio Cinema, Voot, Hotstart, and Netflix.

What is Jio Cinema?

In simple words, JioCinema is a live streaming application offered by one of the leading network provider Jio, this application supports both android and web platforms.

This application is more popular, as for now it’s free you, to enjoy all features of this application you don’t need to pay anything at all but in the coming years may be chargeable.

download movies from jio cinema

Recently Reliance Jio has provided an updated version of its JioCinema application to provide download features to its users so that they can save their favorite movies and shows to watch them later when they are offline.

This application provides on-demand videos and movies for its users. The recent update of the application fixed many bugs and enhance may previous features.

Can You Download Movies from Jio Cinema App?

The latest version of the app provides a new feature of smart downloads to make their users capable of saving their favorite content from the application to their devices so they can enjoy them later to make most of their quarantine period.

When this update is launched by Reliance Jio at that time they also provide one more benefit to their users that is “Jio Happy Hours”, In this offer, Reliance Jio is providing unlimited internet data access to their users between 2 AM to 5 AM.

Along with “Happy Hours” offer smart download feature is more useful to their users as they can use this unlimited data to download their favorite content, they keep their files on downloading at night time and watch them later in the day with ease.

Now let’s see how this feature works.

How to Download Movies from Jio Cinema

Let me remind you first to update your JioCinema application to have that smart download option in your application.

Once you update your application you can find a large number of movies and shows, you can select your favorite content by exploring all categories of your choice. You can also choose video quality there whatever you want high, medium or low.

There is also the option to select from “Download Now” and “Smart Download”. The main difference between these two options is only that “Smart Download” allows you to download your content later in the “Happy Hours” duration.

You can also keep in mind that all videos, movies, and shows are not available to download. There is only some content on the application available for download.

This application provides you with limited storage to download movies on your android device and it always shows you your remaining storage. As for now limited storage is 4 GB. You can keep clearing this storage or to delete your already watched content to make yourself capable of downloading more content.

One of the more interesting features provided by this application is that you can resume your content from where you left it the previous time. This application is available on both android and IOS platforms, However, this updated version is not available for both platforms. It also provides recommendations according to your previous searches just like YouTube and similar applications. It also supports voice search option.

This updated version of JioCinema makes it more popular among users. This live streaming application in now providing healthy competition to other popular live streaming applications like Hotstar, Netflix and Amazon Prime, etc. As they also provide download options to their users. But JioCinema has an upper hand all over them due to its free availability. JioCinema is free therefore becoming more and more popular day by day.


In the end, I hope you all gathered enough information regarding the JioCinema application. Now you can spend your lockdown period watching different movies and shows of your choice and can enjoy your time with your family. Stay Home Stay Safe.

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