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CTR (Click Through Rate) is an important marketing aspect for brands. Basically, it is a rate that determines the number of times your prospects have clicked on a link or an ad to get to your website. Without a high CTR, a good amount of traffic and conversion is nearly impossible.

So, how do you calculate your click-through rate and know the number of viewers arriving at your platform through particular links? Well, the CTR calculator does this job for you. let’s see what CTR calculator is and you can use it to your advantage.

What is the CTR Calculator?

In simple terms, the CTR calculator is a tool that helps you differentiate between the number of people watching your ad and the number of people clicking the link. To put it in mathematical terms:

CTR = Total clicks / total views or impressions

A CTR tool will help you determine your impressions and clicks on the ad. Based on these stats, you can plan your future marketing strategies and eliminate the ad campaigns that aren’t bringing the expected amount of traffic on your website.

ctr calculator

Perks of Using CTR Calculator Tool

  • Efficient and Quick Results – You no longer need to wait for days and weeks for gathering your CTR reports. A CTR calculator will deliver the results almost instantly.
  • Know Your Ads Performance – The regular use of CTR will give you a quick insight into your ad campaigns and its performance over the past few months. You can plan your future marketing strategies according to the current ad’s performance.
  • Reduce Manual Burden – CTR calculator tool will evaluate your click-through rates in a matter of seconds. It reduces the burden of executing the CTR-assessment task manually.

When to Use CTR Calculator?

A CTR calculator must be used on a weekly or monthly basis. Though there doesn’t have to be fixed time to use this device, it’s always best to check CTR regularly so that you don’t miss out on important insights.

You need to know how often your prospects click on your links through ad campaigns and check your website. If you notice a drop in the click-through rate, you can redesign your ad strategy and figure out some other alternative to engage people with your brand.

On the contrary, if your CTR rate is high, you can rest assured that your advertising campaign is doing a great job!  How well your ads are performing in the search engines can only be found with a CTR calculator. So, try to use it as often as possible.

Is CTR Important?

Click-Through Rates tell the percentage of users clicking on your ad versus the number of impressions your ad receives. The higher number of customers clicking on your ad indicates more people willing to do business with your company and become your regular clients. This is a good sign! If your ad receives a lot of impressions but fails to receive clicks, then there is a problem in your campaign.

Low CTR Means Higher Expenses and Poor Exposure

If your ads do not receive clicks, then Google will simply consider that they aren’t relevant for your audience. This makes your ad appear less interesting to Google. As a result, the search engine pushes your ad link down. This will further bring your visitors count down.

Similarly, marketers are likely to shell out for ads that aren’t performing well. They think it is best to spend more money to increase the visibility and click-through rate of the ad. But, that just adds to the marketing expenses.

Factors That Affect Your CTR

Many elements can impact your click-through rate. Let’s check out the ones that affect your CTR the most:


If you sell products and services, then an ad copy as dull as black & white will not work. You need to make your ad stand out by introducing some pop-up colors.

Ad Copy

Brands need to spark the user’s interest by displaying a relevant and informative ad copy. Your viewers want to know what products and services you offer and how it can benefit them. Never go overboard with your ad copy. Keep it simple and intriguing. It must be exciting enough to draw your viewer’s attention.


Never copy or paraphrase content from other ad copies. That will have a negative impact on your brand’s image. Try to come up with unique and relevant copies that make your brand stand out.

Target the Right Audience

Know your audience and target the people who might actually be interested in your brand. Targeting the broad and uninterested audience will bring down your click-through rate. So, be specific with your target audience.

Clear Offer

If you are offering a discount or an interesting promo deal, make sure that your ad copy clearly reflects it. A poor, vague, or irrelevant offer will not make a difference in your CTR.

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