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The national registry of legal entities, which is commonly referred to as CNPJ performs the same range of functions as the CPF. The main purpose of CNPJ is to identify different types of legal arrangements and entities. The companies must have the detailed CNPG for all types of products and services they issue. In addition to that, the detailed CNPG is an absolute necessity for the products the company manufactures.

cnpj generator

There is a total of 14 digits in the CNPG number, in which the first few numbers represent the registration ID while the rest of the number shows the branch name.

The number is provided by the Department of Federal Revenue of Brazil. All entities that register themselves with the Brazilian stock market are supposed to have the CNPJ number. Other than that, international companies are supposed to register themselves on the Federal Treasury. Each company that owns stocks and other types of assets in the country must have CNPJ.

If the company fails to complete the registration, it will be subject to the penalties and charges applicable from the regional government. They might also end up losing the asset they own. If you are planning to get your company registered in Brazil, you must complete the registration at the Brazilian Commercial Boards.

The service is designed to help companies develop and test a unique 14-digit number that could be assigned to the companies that plan on setting up their brand in Brazil or making an investment in the Brazilian stock market. In addition to that, the CNPJ number could be needed if the company plans international leasing, renting equipment, and granting loans.

CNPJ Generator

The CNPJ Generator by iStaunch is a free online tool that lets you generate CNPJ numbers. All you have to do is just tap on the Generate button and it will generate the number and you can also validate for free.

The CNPG generator tool is designed for software testing purposes. Not only for generating the CNPG number, but the tool is extensively used for validating the number. The number is validated depending on the final two digits, which are commonly considered as the check digits.

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