Can You Really Download YouTube Videos Using GenYouTube?

There can surely be no doubt that Youtube is one of the best platforms for viewing and sharing video content online.

Indeed, the platform has now grown to a stupendous size, and this means that the amount of content available to viewers on the platform is also immense.

However, the platform does not provide an option to download videos and songs directly to the phone gallery, and this can be frustrating for many Youtube users.

Luckily, though, there is a different option for people wanting to download their favorite Youtube content onto their devices and this is to use a specialist video conversion software such as GenYouTube!


What is GenYouTube?

GenYouTube is a specialist software that helps users download their favorite videos and songs from the platform.

The software itself doesn’t require users to download addons or extensions to the browser. It works by simply converting the video into either MP3 or MP4 format from their own laptops or computer.

Why Use Video Downloaders Such as GenYouTube?

GenYouTube, also known as GenYT, is useful for people who want to download their favorite videos and songs.

There are plenty of different reasons in which users may want to download videos. For some people, streaming videos directly from the platform can eat up a lot of data, and they have to spend more money on a larger data package.

Using GenYT is incredibly easy, and this makes it an ideal choice of software for people who are looking to download Youtube songs and videos. But how do you use the GenYT software to download music and videos into an MP3 or MP4 format, anyway?

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How to Download YouTube Video Using GenYouTube

One method that you might want to consider for downloading your Youtube video is to append the GenYouTube directly into Youtube.

But how do you do this? Truly, it is actually a lot easier and less scary than it sounds.

Step 1: First, open up and navigate to your video of choice.

Step 2: Once you have found the particular video or song, Simply add the word “gen” after the https://www. and before youtube.

Step 3: For example, you will end up with a url that looks like the following:

Step 4: Once you have done this, press the enter button, you will be redirected to the GenYT website where you will be able to choose between all of the different supported file types for download.

Step 5: Next hosen the file type, for example, MP3 or MP4 – you will be able to download the video onto your device.

Find a Video on GenYT

Another option that is available to people looking to download their favorite songs and videos through the GenYouTube website is to simply search for the video!

GenYT offers users a feature whereby they can search for Youtube videos from the comfort of the GenYT website.

From here, you don’t need to exert yourself overly; just choose the type of file that you want for your download, and allow the website to begin converting the video into a file for download.

This process may take a few moments longer than the other methods, however, it is still very rapid.

Supported Files

GenYouTube supports a large number of different files that makes it incredibly easy for users to use. Some of the most common supported file formats including MP3 and MP4, you can also download files in other formations such as WEBM or M4A.

Final Words:

GenYouTube is a great option for people who are looking to download videos or songs from Youtube. The website is easy and simple to use and this makes it a popular choice. If you have any question then feel free to comment below.

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