5 Best Free Promodoro Apps to Try in 2021

Getting your work done isn’t as easy as it sounds. You are often juggling between the household chores and office tasks. Whether it is about your academic work or a marketing presentation, it’s hard to get the tasks done within the deadline. That’s when the Promodoro technique comes into the picture. If you are someone who often struggles with time management, then you must have heard of this technique before.

best promodoro apps

Well, the Promodoro technique helps you with time management. The method helps you prevent distractions while improving your focus and making it easier for you to get everything done in the shortest time possible.

Coined by Francesco Cirillo, Promodoro Technique gets its name from the fact that the author used a tomato-shaped timer during his schooling. The technique is quite straightforward.

When you have complex work that’s to be done in a short amount of time, then your best bet is to break it down into smaller tasks. The technique is used to help you focus on the task at hand while getting enough breaks in the meantime.

In this article, iStaunch is going to discuss the 5 best Promodoro apps you must try in 2021.


best promodoro apps

Price: The starter plan of the app is available for free, but it includes only two native integrations.  If you would like to get access to reports for extended durations and more integration, then consider switching to the premium plan that costs $2.29 per month.

Compatibility: The app is compatible with iOS, Android, Web, Windows, macOS, and Linux. It covers almost all major platforms.

PomoDone app is designed to make your life simpler by allowing you to keep everything as organized as possible. The app is compatible with third-party software applications, including Todoist, Asana, and Wunderlist.  In a few clicks, you can get all your project details imported from the “notes” or to-do list section on your mobile to PomoDone. You could also enter the task directly on PomoDone.

You could set the timer and adjust the deadline for each task according to your convenience. The best part is the app will automatically switch from the working hours to breaks, making it easier for you to focus on your task while the app will manage the switching part. The chrome extension can be used to block notifications from social media and other websites while you are using PomoDone.

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best promodoro apps

Price: There is no starter plan for this app. You have to sign up for the app with a flat fee of $4.99.

Compatibility: For now, FocusList is available on iOS and Mac only. So, if you are an Android user, you may have to look for another Promodoro app.

Sometimes, you have plenty of tasks that are to be done within a short period. Now, what makes it harder is determining the time each task will take. That’s what the FocusList is designed for. The app has the best Promodoro features, giving you a perfect chance to stay focused throughout the contract term.

The app may look a little complex, but all it takes for you to get started with FocusList is the navigation. Check out different options and add your list of the task that you are supposed to finish by the end of the day. Set the timer for each task and tap the “Start Working” button.

There you go! The only problem is that the app doesn’t allow you to set tasks for different days, which means you have to update the list of tasks every morning before starting. The app is quite flexible, as it allows you to change the settings if you finish the task before the deadline.

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Be Focused

best promodoro apps

Price: The app is available for free for iOS users and it will allow you to use all functions, except the syncing option. You could buy the app for $1.99 and $4.99 for premium functions.

Compatibility: Be Focused is available for Apple users only. It is also available on Mac.

Be Focused is one of the most appealing time management apps for Apple users. It combines the Promodoro functions with the to-do list, making it easier for you to manage every task efficiently. The app is quite simple to use. Tap the “task list” button and add the task you have to complete by the end of the day and put the clock right next to the high-priority task. The timer will start.

The time is automatically recorded in the reports section, giving you a clear picture of the time you spent on each task and which project takes most of your time. Be Focused offers the CSV File that could be downloaded on your smartphone. If you have both iOS and Android, then you can buy this app for both smartphones and sync the data. The app comes with a range of flexible Promodoro options, including the option for setting the timer and adjusting the length.

Focus Booster

best promodoro apps

Price: The starter plan of the app is free, but you get only 20 Promodoros a month. If you want more, sign up for an Individual plan for just $2.99/month and get up to 200 Promodoros every month. The Professional plan costs $4.99/month and it offers data export and task tracking options.

Compatibility: It’s compatible with iOS, Mac, Windows, Web, and Android.

Focus Booster is designed for freelancers that work with multiple clients. It’s quite hard for people to manage the tasks assigned by different clients and finish them before the deadline, especially when the deadline for each task is different. Focus Booster, as the name suggests, allows you to keep track of the time and the tasks you spend most of your time on.

You could check the Reports dashboard to track the tasks you have completed, total revenues you have generated from the work, and there is also an option for downloading the comprehensive CSV report for quick invoicing. To access the reports section, you have to use the web-based interface that may not seem as professional as the mobile, but this small price is worth the feature the app has to offer.


best promodoro apps

Price: The app is free, but it comes with many ads for Android users. If you want to enjoy the ad-free experience, consider buying the app for $2.99.

Compatibility: Engross is compatible with iOS and Android

Engross is one of the fastest and easiest mobile apps for Promodoro features. It has a quick no-sign up process, which means you can get started with the tasks and time management functions without having to sign up. The app is available for both iOS and Android users, but the functionality on each OS varies. For example, Android users get an additional function of the calendar that’s missing on the iOS version.

No matter which OS you use, Engross will help you get started with your daily tasks. It is a great app for those who often get distracted. Every time you want to procrastinate, all you got to do is tap the screen and the app will record the time you got distracted. Based on this information, the app will tell you the time when you are most active and when you are highly likely to get distracted. It records this time and makes it easier for you to decide the best time for work and other activities.

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