5 Best Photo Editing Websites

Editing photographs have become an important part of today’s social-media-driven lifestyle. Everyone loves to share their day-to-day pictures and cute selfies with their social media friends.

But, nobody does that without editing the photograph. Fortunately, many photo editing websites are available online. All you got to do is compare the features these websites offer and select the one that can enhance your photograph and add the perfect filters to your boring images.

Whether you want to edit your brand’s photographs that are to be uploaded on your eCommerce store or your personal selfies that you would like to share with your social media friends, these 5 photo editing websites can edit all types of photographs seamlessly.

Best Photo Editing Websites

1. Canva

Primarily designed for graphic designing purposes, Canva has grown into one of the popular image editing websites. It is an ideal platform for people looking for quality and premium image editing software. It allows you to design posters, flyers, logos, content images, social media graphics, and other forms of visual content.

best photo editing website

The website offers a fantastic collection of a wide range of layouts, themes, and designs for multiple applications. Its drag and drop feature enables users to make the best of their photographs. The best part is that you don’t need to be a designer to be able to use the tool. Its easy-to-use functionalities make it an apt choice for non-designers as well.

2. Pixlr

This free online photo editing website can be accessed through different browsers. The platform features AI-powered tools that offer high-quality and effective editing services. No matter what the image format is, Pixlr can edit your photographs and enable you to download them in your desired format.

best photo editing website

Currently, the platform accepts the images in PSD, JPEG, SVG, WebP, PXD, and PNG format. Whether you want to remove the background from a photograph or add decorative text to your image, Pixlr is the one-stop platform for all kinds of image editing requirements. The website is compatible with all devices. So, the next time you need to edit an image, feel free to use Pixlr.

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3. Fotor

From editing a photograph to creating a collage, Fotor can do it all for you. Creating a collage is the best way to combine your old photographs. The website has an extensive range of collage layouts and designs that can help you relive those memories through photographs.

best photo editing website

Even if you are not wearing makeup, you can click selfies and edit them in Fotor. The website allows you to add makeup to the photograph in simple clicks. Now, you can look flawless in every picture. You could also hide your wrinkles, freckles, acne, and other skin issues.

The retouching tools will allow you to whiten your teeth, reshape your face, remove wrinkles and fine lines, and add other beauty features to enhance your image. The image editing tools allow you to change the brightness, orientation, color, size, light, and even the background of the image in a few clicks.

4. Befunky

Another website for creative photo editing, graphic designing, and collage creation is Befunky. It has the crop and resize feature that enables users to change the size of the image. The best feature on the Befunky website is the Artsy filters. Turn your simple and boring images into innovative and mesmerizing photographs by choosing the right artsy filter. You could transform your photo into a cartoon, classical photo, and sketches.

best photo editing website

The website has batch processing functionality. This means the user gets to crop and resize multiple photos simultaneously. Drag and drop the photos you would like to resize on the website and click on batch processing to change the size of these photographs at once.

You can also remove the background or turn a colored background into a solid and transparent background. This is one of the most crucial features for brands that need to display a clear background with their product. Befunky offers several layouts for collage and single photos.

You can experiment with multiple designs and filters for the best image.


Transform your photos into high-quality images in simple clicks only on PicMonkey. The website claims to offer millions of effects and filters that are designed to change the background, beautify the photo, and add other fun effects.

best photo editing website

You can even use PicMonkey to create thumbnails for YouTube. It is one of the most-used software for social media photo editing. Whether you want to create a business card for your startup or enhance a casual picture with some interesting graphics, PicMonkey is an ultimate option.

The website has more than 8000 textures and graphics that give your images a unique touch. It has hundreds of amazing fonts for texts and thousands of design templates. Choose your favorite layout and template and adjust your brand image in the photograph. You will be surprised to see their collection of stock photos and filters.