11 Best Gantt Chart Maker Software for Project Planning in 2022

Any project manager can benefit greatly from using a Gantt chart. This kind of chart uses horizontal bars to track and manage particular activities for a project, visually illustrating how they are progressing. The Gantt chart software options that are available and usable right now will be covered in this roundup article. Read on for additional information whether you’re new to project management and want to locate the finest Gantt chart application or just need a refresher.

best gantt chart maker software for project planning

1. GanttPRO

It is a cloud-based project management tool for small and midsize businesses as well as individual users. The program has Gantt charts, scheduling, progress monitoring, and other features.

ganttpro interface

Managers may schedule projects using a visual interface with GanttPRO. With GanttPro’s drag-and-drop functionality, users can automatically reschedule a number of project tasks at once. In addition, users can map critical routes, specify task dependencies and deadlines, create new tasks, allocate them to members of the team, and track their progress.

Anyone in a project team has the ability to comment on tasks, add files to tasks, and receive instant alerts when another team member takes action. Project data can be exported in the following formats: PDF, PNG, XLSX, and XML. Additionally, users of GanttPRO can import charts from programs like Microsoft Project and Excel.

So what are you waiting for? Get Gantt chart project management software here.

2. monday.com

This cloud-based program called monday.com enables users to build ideal project management tools, including chart apps.

By giving them access to a platform where they can easily plan complex projects and carry them out using its chart templates, monday.com enables team and project managers to take team cooperation to a new level. One of them is the use of Gantt charts, which lets you link task dependencies and separate project tasks and due dates to produce a clear project plan and roadmap.

Monday.com has never failed us, whether it was serious project planning or a road map to gather necessary stuff for my game.

With monday.com, in addition to creating fantastic Gantt charts, you can:

  • Using the pre-built templates, you can quickly plan, strategize, and deliver the project of your choice. The templates may be adjusted, and you can see your project as various vibrant charts to track and manage it easily.
  • Throughout the project lifecycle, adjust and keep track of your task dependencies, task lists, task milestones, and a lot more.
  • Employ a variety of dashboards and transform observations into information that will act as a guide for your future business strategies.
  • Using real-time data, manage your team’s workload and allocate resources appropriately.

3. TeamGantt

The goal of TeamGantt is to remain the best Gantt chart softwareavailable. It plays to its strengths incredibly well because it is aware of them. Because of this, we rank it as the top option for anyone looking to purchase a Gantt chart tool.

However, TeamGantt has created a user interface that is easy to use and will appeal to project managers of all levels of experience. Gantt charts offer a little more complicated view of projects. Users can easily distinguish tasks and milestones with its straightforward user interface, and they may manage dependencies by connecting tasks.

TeamGantt provides some of the greatest training resources in the project management software industry for people who are new to using online Gantt chart software. There is also a substantial knowledge base, and it offers clear and succinct training. Additionally, you can contact a support staff member with ease and get prompt, helpful responses if you feel the need to do so.

4. Wrike

A built-in element of the project management software Wrike is Gantt charts. To monitor the progress of your project, you can easily create and edit Gantt charts using Wrike. Consider Wrike if cost is a major deterrent because it offers more alternatives than some of our other recommendations.

You can manage tasks and subtasks, have an infinite number of users, and allow both internal and external collaborators with the free option. In order to incorporate Wrike into your current workflow fast, it also connects with a wide range of other well-known software solutions, like Google Drive, JIRA, and Dropbox.

5. GanttProject

GanttProject is a great choice for folks who favor aiding non-profit organizations. Given that it doesn’t place restrictions on functionality or user access, it’s undoubtedly the greatest free project management tool with Gantt chart views.

Critical path analysis is a feature that GanttProject provides for users working on complicated projects. It is utilized to determine the fastest path to do your assignment. For people under time pressure, this tool is fantastic.

The reporting capabilities of GanttProject are quite good for free. The reports can be exported in PDF and HTML, the latter of which enables you to embed your reports on other pages.

6. Smartsheet

Smartsheet is another top-notch project management tool that uses Gantt charts. It has a number of features, like the ability to build and edit Gantt charts, that make it a strong option for project management.

Although Smartsheet is a straightforward project management tool, it does have some incredibly user-friendly templates for those who are new to the program. Additionally, Smartsheet provides a respectable selection of automation solutions to keep things running smoothly and regularly. For lone users and little projects, Smartsheet’s free plan is ideal. However, if you require more advanced features, like unlimited users and storage, you may have to choose a premium subscription, which starts at $7 per month.

7. nTask

The software program nTask provides interactive, color-coded, adaptable, and dynamic Gantt charts. The nTask Gantt chart will instantly reflect changes made to deadlines, duration, and billable hours for a task. Your Gantt chart project’s budget and ongoing costs are clearly visible. Users who utilize Gantt charts with timesheet tools can simply construct billable and non-billable hours that represent the true cost of the project. Note-taking, time tracking, and even timesheet management are further elements of nTask that are geared at productivity and collaboration.

8. Paymo

Without a solid Gantt chart feature, Paymo would not be the strong project management tool that it is today. Its key benefit is the automatic projection of jobs with start and finish dates on the timeline. If you wish to give up Excel in favor of a straightforward Gantt chart generator, you can still design your job durations, which is a wonderful automation. Additionally, it has a wonderful, shallow learning curve, so you’ll pick it up quickly.

From a planning standpoint, dependencies can be used to link tasks and milestones so that you can identify which ones must be completed before others begin. Project managers working with cross-functional teams will value the opportunity to account for overlap or delays in the project.

9. Toggl

Gantt chart planning is really simple with Toggl, a project management and collaboration tool for small teams. With Toggl’s drag-and-drop interface, projects can be easily created and tailored for each team. You can use the software to define task estimates, add subtasks, set deadlines, and view task statuses. Additionally, the task tag function makes it simpler to search, filter, and categorize projects and segments.

10. Asana

Asana is a work management tool with a number of sophisticated features, like custom fields, colorblind friendly mode, and proofreading, that would be quite helpful for creating a Gantt chart.

When necessary, you may, for instance, use the Gantt charts Asana offers you when you have to:

  • Collectively and within the allotted time span, design a campaign, especially with larger teams.
  • Plan a product launch since you’ll need a clear understanding of the visual representation that stands for the entire time frame.
  • Draw out deliverables for each customer so that everything on your to-do list gets done without any impediments.

These charts also make it possible to discuss the specifications you need to provide, gather data and assign the proper resources to the right areas, assign team members to specific tasks, and support your project activities.

11. Notion

The most widely used project management and note-taking program among students is Notion.

The talk of the town, though, is about the Gantt charts it has. Since you can connect tasks together to build a sequence of activities, you can use them to construct flexible views that let you see how long it will take to complete a project.

The timeline perspective is one benefit that these charts offer. With its help, you can easily find what you’re looking for by filtering and sorting, viewing only the information you need, and making use of choices like “show all,” “hide all,” and adding or removing properties.


We sincerely hope you enjoyed this brief introduction to the world of Gantt charts, and we hope that by this point, you are able to decide which service is best for you.

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