Best Cricket Games for PC

Have you ever wanted to step into the cricketer’s shoe and see cricket from their perspective? Ever since the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 started, our love for cricket got stronger.

Best Cricket Games for PC

While trying to play like Kagiso Rabada or Mahendra Singh Dhoni might not be practically possible for all the cricket lovers out there, the recent PC cricket games let us enjoy the experience from close.

Artificial Intelligence has added a new level of excitement and amazing graphics to the cricket games. The software developers are constantly trying to add the latest functionalities to make these cricket titles more exciting and fun.

Let’s have a look at the list of some of the best cricket games that are already drawing great attention worldwide.

1. Cricket 19: Official Game of the Ashes

The AI and graphics of Cricket 19 seem better and improved. But, it is mostly visible on the batting side. The batsmen tend to keep the strike by taking singles on the last ball of the over. However, if the chasing run rate goes up, they aim for boundaries.

best cricket games for pc

The developers have introduced international contests that begin with the national anthems. You will get to see the covers removed from the pitch before the game begins. The interesting part is the centuries. The batsmen celebrating their centuries with full energy and enthusiasm is indeed a sight to see. The captain of the bowling team gives a few words of motivation to the bowler. The highlight of all boundaries, wickets, and special moments are displayed.

2. Ashes Cricket 19

If you are looking for a real-time cricket experience, then Ashes Cricket 19 is your pick. Football players must have noticed how Ronaldo’s free-kick in FIFA 18 game seems real. Likewise, the movements and actions of some of the best cricketers are well imitated in Ashes Cricket 19.

best cricket games for pc

Take Steve Smith for example. Smith fidgets a little before hitting the ball and plays the shots exactly the way he does in real cricket tournaments. Unfortunately, not all players are imitated well.

Bowlers do not have the generic action, which also means the different spinners are going to deliver the bowl in different actions. The only area where the game needs improvement is the running style of these bowlers. It looks somewhat the same for all bowlers.

The way Josh Hazlewood and James Anderson run to deliver a bowl is different. They have their unique pace and style, which is clearly not visible in the bowling animations in this game.

3. Don Bradman Cricket 2017

Powered by Big Ant Studios, Don Bradman Cricket 2017 has been on the PC games market for quite some time now. Critics and the audience have given positive remarks to the game developers. You could play it on Xbox One, Play Station 4, and Microsoft Windows.

best cricket games for pc


These were the 5 best computer cricket games that are totally worth your time and effort. If you are a cricket enthusiast, then choose any of the above-listed games and have some fun time watching your favorite cricket players killing it.

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