Best Binance Referral ID Code in 2021

Binance has been the most trending cryptocurrency exchange platform since it was launched in the year 2017. In case you are new to it you have the option to saving some trading fees through the Binance referred ID code in 2021 when you sign-up. When you are new to Binance or have been trading for some time now you will be able to get a further 25% discount when you take the benefits of the BNB token.

best binance referral id code

Binance has been already offering the lowest trading fees to users, but it’s always recommended that you go ahead with trying to reduce the trading fees more if that’s possible as well. Even the smallest fraction of this percentage will be helpful for you in the potential cryptocurrency growth, the small fees that you are paying in 2021 can be worth 100 times by next year!

So if you haven’t already, make sure that you are making an account on Binance, we recommend that you create your account today with the referral ID that we mention right here and get assured discounts. Having a Binance referral ID is one of the best ways by which you can get great rewards for your exchanges on crypto.

The application has over 10 million downloads and over 1 million active users with several positive reviews. So go ahead and use the referral code and get exciting discounts over each trade!

What is the Best Binance Referral Code in 2021?

We have the Binance referral code for you right here and it is “15888997”.

All you need to do is copy and then paste this referral code in the field provided on the registration page. Then you will get instructions on the screen that you need to follow for verifying your email and the registration process gets completed within minutes.

For finding the field of ‘Referral Code’ you have to expand the header called ‘Referral ID’.

This is going to open a space for you and you need to paste this code that we have provided you right here. Although this field stays optional, having a referral code is beneficial for both parties and we recommend you to use it.

This code can help you to get some commission every time you go ahead with an exchange over the app.

How can we use Binance Referral ID Code

For using the referral ID on Binance, you have to make a new account over the platform first. Then when you are in the process of account creation, just paste the ID “15888997” in the space for Referral ID for using it.

When you are using the application on your phone, keep in mind that this field stays hidden by default. For making sure it is revealed, tap on the header that says ‘Referral ID’.

Only then will you be able to use a referral code on your phone app. Once you have made the account successfully by using the referral code, you can get a discount on each trade that you make on Binance.

Bottom Line:

Make sure you are using this code at the time of your registration itself. Also, for maximum benefits, you need to make your account and also get the verification process done as well. The best part is that Binance accepts a huge array of payment methods and this includes credit/debit cards, bank transfer, and crypto.

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