Archive/Hide Amazon Orders – How to Delete Amazon Order History Permanently

Archive/Hide Amazon Orders: Are you one of those who regularly purchase embarrassing stuff from Amazon?

But did you know that Amazon will continuously track and record your entire account browsing and purchase history through its highly refined artificial intelligence system.

In case if this information is leaked to the wrong eye then it could spoil a Christmas and Birthday surprise or get a little embarrassing depending on the item you purchased.

Archive/Hide Amazon Orders

Your family member can easily access purchase history via your amazon account, if you have permanently logged in or have saved the username and password in the browser.

delete amazon order history

While these details might come in handy when placing reorder, suggest a product to others or save receipts for income tax return.

However, if you have privacy concerns about your online shopping habits, you need to keep purchase history away from the prying eyes.

But don’t worry here you can find the complete guide on how to archive or hide your Amazon history.

In fact,

These are the same strategies you can use to delete Amazon order history permanently in 2020.

How to Delete Amazon Order History

When it comes to the hiding or deleting amazon order, actually amazon does not provide an option to delete order history permanently. That doesn’t matter whether you have prime membership or not.

Even if you deactivate your account permanently, Amazon will record everything you purchased. However, you can still hide orders using the archive feature.

Archive Amazon Order to Hide Them

While it’s impossible to clear amazon order history, there is are some steps you can take to archive it.

  • Log on your amazon account using email id and password.
  • Click on the Orders option in the top right corner of the Amazon home page.
  • Here you will see a list of all your past orders, display by date.
  • To the left side of each order, simply click on the Archive Order button next to the purchase you want to hide from the list.
  • It will also display a pop-up message to confirm your request. Again tap on the same yellow button to complete the process.

That’s it your order will be archived and no longer appear on the orders history page. Keep in mind that the purchase history won’t be totally removed from your account.

Clear Browsing History

As we already discuss every time your browse items, Amazon automatically saves your browsing history and recommends products to other people based on the interest and past searches.

Here’s the step by step by guide for clearing the browsing history on amazon.

  • Log on to your Amazon account by providing the login credentials.
  • Click on the Account & Lists option in the top right corner of the screen and select Your Recommendations option.
  • Here find and click on the Your Browsing History option as shown in the below image.
  • Tap on the remove from view to delete a specific item, alternatively, you can clear the entire list clear entire list by selecting the Manage History and click on Remove all items from view.
  • You can also stop amazon to store your browsing list by toggle off Turn Browsing History on/off option.


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