Accessible Online Casino Experience: Guide for Players on a Limited Budget

Casino floors are associated with a lot of glamour & glitter and high rollers wagering stacks of chips or even piles of money when our thoughts travel back into time. Online casinos however have less of a high roller experience which is thanks to the much lower betting limits. Most operators even give their players bonuses and the option to engage in free wagering thanks to the demo modes that are made available across online platforms.

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Even if you have a tight budget you can still win real money, eventually with the chance to move your way up and slowly build on your bankroll. Jackpot slots that are connected to progressive jackpot networks even give you a chance to make life changing wins which is another way to get to an accessible but lucrative casino experience.

For those with small budgets but big dreams we made sure to come up with our guide for players on a limited budget. Let’s go to our tips for gambling enthusiasts looking for an accessible digital gambling experience: here’s the way to do it.

Play Free Demos

It all starts with free demos. The reason for this is pretty simple as it doesn’t require any of your budget and is therefore highly accessible for beginning players who still want to taste what gambling feels like. Free demos give you the chance to familiarise yourself with the rules of the game which is particularly helpful if your favourite game of chance requires practice and/or experience. Once you become an expert in the casino game you want to master you can think of moving on to the next step, which is that of making real money bets. The downside of playing free demos is that you won’t be able to make real money wins so you’ll need to think of moving your attention towards real money wagers at some point.

Move Towards Real Money Games

Slowly that is. Your first real money bets should be low. With both slot machines and table games it is possible to set minimum wagers although the numbers will depend on the actual game. If the same game is offered by multiple providers, be sure to choose the one with the lowest minimum bet. There are websites that are exclusively listing only casinos with minimum deposit of $1, $2, $5, or $10. At kiwigambler can be found an impressive listing of $5 minimum deposit casinos.

Try to stick to RNG games instead of live dealer games as the latter might be above your level if you’re still new to real money casino betting. Real money bets can lead to real money wins with generally lower wins for lower bets. This is something to bear in mind when making the bets. Do not dream about what you could’ve won if you would have wagered more money, but be happy with the actual win you made.

Upscale Once You Become Better

Once you’ve got a hold on the rules and consider yourself passed the basic level you can consider scaling up progressively. This basically means that you can either increase your bets or think of variants that work with higher minimum bet levels. If this works out well you will notice that your real money winnings will move up bit by bit as well. If this is not the case then either consider this part of the learning curve (if your bankroll allows you to) or think of scaling down before you’re getting the performances you were hoping for.

Go From RNG to Live Dealer

This step only applies to table games (or game shows which are only available in live dealer casinos anyway). Once you have gotten to the level you wanted to and feel comfortable about your return on investment you can move to the live dealer casino and see how well you perform here. Live dealer casinos are highly popular thanks to their interactiveness which might boost the total experience and keep you extra motivated for the real deal. The same steps work at the RNG online casinos which means you should first go for the games that require low minimum bets.

Lookout For Promos

Online casino and live dealer casino bonuses are widely available which gives both new and existing players the chance to get the most out of their skills by using either bonus money, free spins, or other types of casino bonuses such as cashbacks. The benefits are straightforward as they give you a chance to lower your spendings while you can still make real money wins. For all bonuses, including free no-deposit bonuses and the ones that do require a deposit, we want to point out the importance of reading the bonus terms first. Do not engage in casino gaming if it’s only the bonus money you’re interested in. Ideally, you should be willing to play at a gambling site, even if the promo wasn’t on offer.

No Room For Emotional Decisions

Things can get rather emotional as casino games are typically now to be fast paced and some of them push the player towards more and faster bets. Do not fall for this trick, especially if you’re new to the game. We know that both online and brick and mortar casinos are exciting places and that payouts can go up to thousands of dollars, but 99% of the players will never see a million dollar prize so do not get your hopes up. Instead, work with predefined budgets and make sure to stick to these numbers at all times. If you lose, accept it, and consider it part of the learning curve we referred to before in this guide.

Remember To Take Breaks

This brings us to our last and final point as it is crucial to know when to stop. Knowing when to stop applies to knowing when to take a loss, but also knowing when you’ve spent too much time behind your screen (the same applies in land based settings). Set a break every now and then and take a few minutes to take a drink or do whatever that keeps you away from your mobile or desktop screen. Online games can be easily paused and will resume where you left off. Apart from taking a break you should also know when to quit. While it might be tempting to continue when you’re in the winning mood, the combination of time limits, breaks, loss limits and even deposit limits will help you in the long run.

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