5 Leading Paraphrasing Tools to Fix Plagiarism in Your Content

Whether you are creating content for your personal blog, a business website, or for institutional purposes, keeping it original, unique, and plagiarism free is a mandatory step to keep in mind.

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Gone are the days when writing content by copy-pasting directly from the web was a common strategy.

Now the search engine algorithms are cleverer than ever before, resulting in legit copyright issues on copying content from an online source without giving the credit where it is due. Your website, blog, or academic paper will be thrown into the blacklist bucket by Google which will instantly harm your SEO results as well.

It does not matter how professional and creative a writer you are, the minor chances of similarities in your content are still there to cripple your efforts. So, before the final submission, make sure that it does not mirror someone else’s work in any way that has already been published online.

Paraphrasing is the right approach to eliminate plagiarism without affecting the context and the content length. Manual paraphrasing is tedious when you have tons of writing files to eliminate plagiarism from them.

However, worries not, online paraphrasing tools come cooperative here. These tools offer great help to cut off plagiarism and save your soul from stress and effort by giving results in a pinch.

5 Leading Paraphrasing Tools

Well, the internet is overflowing with a tremendous number of online paraphrasing tools, choosing the right one for avoiding plagiarism might take forever. Therefore, we have enlisted the top five leading paraphrasing tools checkers to pick from.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

1. Rephrase

Rephrase.info is an advance paraphrase that uses artificial intelligence to change the sentence structure while maintaining the text’s readability and quality. Unlike most efficient paraphrasing tools, this rephraser comes for free.

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  • Offers three different rewriting modes that include;

Fluency, Standard, Creative

The fluency mode is the most basic version that simply flips every second or third word with its alternative synonyms without altering the text structure and meaning.

Standard rewriting mode is the right fit for the word alterations without making any significant changes to the text. Thus, it can still help in avoiding plagiarism.

Creative mode incorporates the advanced artificial intelligence that gives the most surprising results in terms of text rewriting and avoiding plagiarism. Not just that, it polishes up the text so it sounds professionally human-written.

  • Input text

You can add text to its input box by either copy-pasting or uploading a file in any format directly from the system or drive. This feature makes the whole rewriting process so effortless and time-saving.

  • Multi-lingual support

It supports rewriting in multiple languages, making it an ideal pick for users worldwide.

  • Requires no login & sign up

The feature that makes this tool stand out among others is that it offers free paraphrasing for up to 500 words in a matter of no time.

  • Human readable & plagiarism free results

The use of AI technology ensures that the rewritten content is of high quality, plagiarism-free, and easily readable to humans.

2. Paraphrase Tool by Editpad.org

When it comes to free online paraphrasing tools, Editpad.org turns out to be the best service. It is a great utility to reshape the existing content in a way that maintains the quality and eliminates all traces of duplications.

paraphrasing tool

The machine learning technology interprets the text and gives accurate results that can pass any plagiarism checker with zero duplicating results. Comes for free, this paraphrasing tool requires no sign-ups or registration.


  • Offers other writing tools

Editpad.org, as the name indicates, is a free text editor that offers multiple other writing assistant tools. Its free paraphrase incorporates the plagiarism checker and text summarizer so that you can instantly check the plagiarism of the spun text or summarize it when required.

  • Supports multiple file formats

It allows you to upload files of different formats to start processing. It includes .doc, .docx, txt, and .pdf.

  • No plagiarism results

You can paraphrase text as many times as you want. This tool ensures that you will get accurate and plagiarism-free results each time.

3. WordAI

WordAi is also one of the most impressive paraphrase tools on this list. This web-based paraphrasing application also makes use of artificial intelligence in order to produce better and more original material while keeping the relevance and context of the original text.

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In addition, the team behind WordAi has released its fourth edition, which they claim is 149.8 times more powerful than the one that came before it.


Users enjoy using this rewriter tool because of the following features;

  • Multiple languages

This one-of-a-kind paraphrasing tool supports a variety of languages, including English, French, and Italian, which sets it apart from competitors in the market.

  • Offers paraphrasing in bulk

Because of its Bulk Spinning functionality, you can rewrite up to one thousand articles with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  • Legit results

It not only reframes individual words and expressions but also focuses on the entire paragraph and cleverly reshapes it by employing its own AI technology.

  • Free version

It will provide you with a free trial that lasts for three days, during which you will be asked if you want to extend your plan and purchase the premium edition of it.

One drawback of the service is that it does not enable paraphrasing until the user first logs in for a free trial of three days.

  • Pricing plan

Monthly rates can reach $49.95, with a yearly subscription costing $347.

4. Quillbot

Quillbot is one of the most famous paraphrasing tools in the digital industry. It is the only online paraphraser that offers the browser extension to be used everywhere online, speeding up the rewriting process.

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QuillBot is a web-based tool that does not show advertisements and provides users with an entire range of writing features that are helpful for bloggers, students, and business professionals.


  • Free paraphrasing modes

The tool provides you with access to two different free modes of paraphrasing. These modes include a standard, and fluency mode.

All other modes come with the paid version of the tool.

  • Paid modes

The tool provides you with access to four different premium paraphrase styles, which are as follows:

  • Formal – designed to make your writing look more professional
  • Creative – an advanced mode that gives your writing creative touch
  • Shorten mode – designed to keep your writing short
  • Extend mode – to make your text longer
  • Character limitation

Without having an account, the length of the texts you can paraphrase is usually capped at 500 characters maximum. When you sign up for the free plan with your personal account, you can rephrase texts up to 700 characters long.

  • Quillbot premium

With QuillBot’s premium subscription, you will efficiently rephrase texts of up to 10,000 words. When you upgrade to the premium plan, you have access to other extra features, such as integration with Google Chrome, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word, along with a character limit of 10,000.

5. Chimp Rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is another tool that uses artificial (AI) and natural language (NLP) technology to complete excellent paraphrasing.

paraphrasing tool

When you paste a piece of text into its input box, the tool evaluates the context and returns results based on those facts exclusively.


  • Support visuals

One of the most attractive features of the application is that it can seamlessly upload photos and videos sourced from several resources with only a few touches of the mouse.

  • Offers integration to other SEO tools

This functionality allows it to be utilized with a broad range of specialist SEO tools, such as N-spin, anchor text spin, random order and anchoring, and more.

  • Give plagiarism-free scannable content

In addition to this, it lets you give accurate scannable, and plagiarism-free results that are ready to publish on hundreds of your websites with only the press of a button.

  • Free plans

Chimp Rewriter offers a free 14-day trial so that you can get a sense of the service before deciding on a subscription plan.

In addition, they offer a 60-day money-back guarantee to their consumers.

  • Pricing plan

It costs $15 per month for the Monthly Plan and $99 per month for the Yearly Plan to use this service.


Content paraphrasing is no longer a challenging task for authors, thanks to the plethora of online paraphrasing technologies.  The primary goal of any writer, whether they are professors, content creators, or bloggers, is to produce original and free of plagiarism content.

Here, online paraphrase tools are a lifesaver for writers in this scenario. You may now spend less time and effort creating new content. Saying that it is now possible to meet the strictest writing requirements with the help of the above-mentioned software. We’ve highlighted key features to assist you in finding the tool that’s right for your writing needs.

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