5 Best Passport Photo Apps for Your Phone

Passport picture apps are not something that you would use regularly. Unless you are some kind of spy who needs a new passport every week, that is. But, on an occasion that requires taking and editing a passport-size photo, these apps can be of great help.

Should you face a situation that requires such tools (e.g. you need a portrait picture for Visa ASAP), you can use one of the listed and reviewed below. They are designed for different platforms, intuitive, and accessible. The tool that can do the job for you is likely to be among them.

best passport photo apps

Passport Photo & ID Maker

Passport Photo & ID Maker is a simple app for taking and editing portrait photos for passports, visas, Green Cards, and other papers. At your disposal are templates for IDs of 130+ countries, biometric features recognition, printing and sharing options. The app is very easy to use, you can perform essential editing in a few taps. On the downside, this app does not have the toolkit for advanced retouching. But there are a lot of photo editing apps for iOS and Android that can help.

Passport Photo – ID Photo

This neat little app includes photo templates for over a hundred different countries. You can upload photos from the phone gallery or take a new picture directly in the app. If your phone can reach a printer via Wi-Fi, you can print your photos right away. This app allows you to arrange photos in a grid, crop them and apply some simple visual filters. However, it offers no advanced editing, which means the picture must be ID-fitting by default. This application is available for both Android and iOS devices. The iOS version is paid only, however.

Passport ID Photo Maker Studio

On top of must-have features like cropping and resizing, this ID image maker for iOS allows you to adjust image parameters (e.g. sharpness, contrast, saturation). Once your pictures are print-ready, you can send them to a printer. Alternatively, you can order prints from Amazon or Walgreens Photo. Passport ID Photo Maker Studio supports various paper sizes, including 4×6, 5×7, or A4. On the downside, some interesting features are locked behind a paywall.

Passport Photo Booth Creator

This app has all the necessary features to take a photo, adapt it for an ID of many countries, and print it. If you are in a hurry, it will also help you stay focused with its built-in recommendations, which will remind you to use the proper background for portraits, take the glasses off, and so on. This app is totally free but has ads and some paid printing options. It also has different names for different platforms. The iOS version is called Passport Photo Booth Creator, and the Android version – is Passport Photo Booth – Take & Print ID Pictures.

Passport Size Photo Maker

Passport Size Photo Maker includes an array of image editing tools. You can change the background, enhance white balance, saturation, brightness, and even more. To make editing easier, the app includes templates that fit the ID photo standards of over a hundred countries. Once you have edited your picture, you can print it using a local printer or services of Print Shops such as Walgreens, Amazon, CVS, or Kinkos. On the downside, the editing is a bit clunky. You can remove the background, but it might take a couple of tries.

In Conclusion

If you need to make an ID or biometric photo quickly, you have plenty of options on the table.  Some are completely standalone, while others integrate with online services. And if this list is too short for you, you can also have this rating of the best passport photo apps.

The perfect tool for you depends on your situation and available resources. However, there’s a rule of thumb that might help you choose: seek complete control over the photo production. You don’t have to be a professional photographer and retoucher to make a photo that meets the standards of an ID you need. Sometimes using an additional app (Apple users can check out this list of the best iPhone camera apps) to take a great photo, before editing it. The more parameters remain under your control, the better.

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